Economic Impact on New Life

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - With the problems this nation is facing with the economy, there are more women in need of assistance now, than ever before. KTRE took a local look at what crisis centers are doing to help expecting mothers during these hard times.

Being a parent is not easy, and with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike and a slump economy, many expecting mothers around East Texas are thinking twice about having a baby.

Paula Havard, the Executive Director of Pregancy help Center of Lufkin, "There's been a concern that bringing a baby into this world will cause additional financial implications to the family and for a lot of families in East Texas, that is definitely a valid fear".

...A fear that causes some women to consider abortion.

"For one who comes in with that issue or that concern, we can show them this program and that does alleviate a lot of their fears and give them the opportunity and the hope that they need to go forward with their pregnancy" says Havard.

Along with offering hope they also offer program called "Learn to Earn" where vouchers are granted to parents to earn "baby items" that will help them prepare for motherhood.

They can earn those vouchers, spend them in this beautifully decorated and equipped resource room to get diapers and bottles and baby wipes and food and shoes and sox and things that help raise a baby.

And even during these tough economic times, there are ways to raise a child successfully... One way, is through budgeting.

"You cannot successfully survive an economic crisis if you're putting out the backdoor more than what you're bringing in the front door", says Havard, "so it's absolutely important to look at that budget and cut out where you can".

You may not be able to give them all their desires, but you can provide the love and care which in essence is more important.

Havard reminds parents that, "The wants may or may not come and just understand that your kid's gonna be healthy and happy whether or not they get everything they want".

If you would like to help a new mother get through these tough economic times, you can do so by bringing your donations of baby goods to both wal-marts in lufkin and nacogdoches .

Through an initiative called "the World's Largest Baby Shower", radio stations, KSWP and KAVX are encouraging people to donate baby supplies to the Heartbeat Pregnancy Center in Nacogdoches and the Pregnancy Help Center in Lufkin. They say that, especially right now, a little help can go a long way. The donations will go towards these centers' "Learn to Earn" program. The showers will be held next Thursday. Get more information about the World's Largest Baby Shower.