The Sheepfold of Texas Provides Hope and a Safe Haven For Women in Despair

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A new safe house has been dedicated in Lufkin and is now ready to open it's doors to women in despair.

No two shelters are alike, and where one shelter can not provide for a family in need of a home, the Sheepfold has stepped in to fill that gap.

Eva Walker, the Executive Director of the Sheepfold in Texas says, "This is a home environment, most importantly the difference between our program and a lot of other programs is we are 100%, in your face, Christ centered 24 hours a day."

This non-denominational shelter not only teaches the broken spirit how to heal, but also gives the women tools for employment opportunities and advice on how to live a fulfilled life.

"We are a 24 hour mentoring program on how to live your life for Christ in every situation", says Walker.

Because of Mrs. Walker's first hand experience, she is able to reach out to those who otherwise may reject advice and guidance.

"I was mainly homeless" frankly admits Walker. "And I know what it's like to eat out of a trash can, and I know what it's like to have so much hate and anger on the inside that you don't know where to place it."

It took just one person to help get her on the right track, and now Mrs. Walker feels it's her turn to give back.

"I knew God was calling me to go back and find those who was just as lost as I was and help them find their way."

The Sheepfold is not only committed to teaching how to leave a Christ centered life, but they also strive to teach how to make it on their own.

"We will be teaching them how to cook home-made. We will be teaching them how to sew, how to quilt, how to hunt, how to fish, how to clean your own game, how to store that, how to make what you have work and how to be 100% autonomous", says Walker.

Through sheltering those families who other wise would fall through the cracks, the Sheepfold truly believes it can help change the world one person at a time.

Women are accepted by referral to live in the safehouse, but if you know someone in need of services call Sheepfold at call 936-465-4311.