Nacogdoches Church Members Take a Road Trip to Washington to be a Part of History at the Presidential Inauguration

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - This is a big week for everybody. With Martin Luther King Jr. Day being recognized and the inauguration of our first Black president, it's is nearly impossible not to take notice of the milestones this country has achieved. Many East Texas churches feel that not only is this an important time in history, but an opportunity for them to be a part of history.

KTRE was there to see off members of Zion Hill First Baptist Curch, Iron Wheel and Live Oak churches in Nacogdoches , as they got ready to leave Texas and head to Washington for the inauguration of President Elect Barak Obama.

From the back of the bus... To the front seat in the white house, our society has come a long way. East texas church members are going the distance to see history in the making.

"This is just a fulfillment or manifestation of that dream that's coming true" says Wilbert Brown Jr., the trip coordinator.

Church members say Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil right leaders dreamed and worked until their vision became a reality.  These victory riders say they're proof you're not too old, or too young to understand the importance of this historic moment.

"This is history...this is very important history" exclaimed the President of the Nacogdoches Chapter NAACP, John C. Morrison. "This president here will be just as famous as the first president of the United States, George Washington."

One of the youth church members, Erin Brown is glad he can be a part of history."It just allows me to be a part of something important. Obama has done something I don't think anybody thought we could do, really."

Even seven year old Destiny Freeman understood the importance of this day in history "Well, I got this magazine of Obama and his mom and all of his children and he's so important to us, that we always loved him so very much."

And while not everyone will be able to make the trip to D.C., this group says it's representing those who even in their absence, support Obama.

"I'm a big Obama fan. I'm a proud American right now, proud as I've almost ever been in my life" said the President of the Democratic Party in Nacogdoches, Tim Garrigan. "The majority of the country has put aside the notion that only White people can lead and I think its gonna be a great opportunity for a great man to set a great example and maybe, put those racist thoughts aside for ever".

"Oh, I just want to shout all the way to Washington" laughed Morrison.

Excitement will be heard around the world!

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