From Martin Luther King Jr. to Barack Obama, Lufkin High School Students Can See a "Dream" Unfolding

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Crowds gathered today as they honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a great man who's dream paved the way for people to enjoy the freedoms of life. KTRE spoke with Lufkin High School students who say Barack Obama's presidency is a sign that Dr. King's dream of change is closer to a reality.

One day before the inauguration of America's first Black president, many Lufkin students have hope that Dr. King's dream is alive, and closer to being reality.

J'Corey jolly, a student from Lufkin High School told KTRE that, "For Martin Luther King to do what he has done, to see a dream that's a start, because a dream always starts off as a dream and then it takes togetherness and determination to bring change".

These students now, more than ever, believe they are living in a time where, like Dr. King's dream, they are judged by their character, not by the color of their skin, inspiring them to reach higher.

"It just gives us a better chance of life. People look at us differently to see that we can go above and beyond the call of duty" says J'Corey.

"As being an African American it has inspired me to dream bigger, do more, have bigger goals, cause I know I can reach them, just as well as Barack Obama", replied Camilia Dunn, anther Lufkin H.S. student.

"It inspires me because we can be anything we want to be" says Corey Shy of LHS. "Like back in the day no body would ever have dreamed that you could be a president, but now that Barack Obama has paved the way for us, it just opens doors for more people".

And while the nation has seen significant advances in civil rights, there's still work that can be done.... And the dream is still unfolding.

"Now we're just trying to keep on with the dream".