East Texans select different venues to watch presidential inauguration

NACOGDOCHES, TX, (KTRE) - Not everyone can be at the Washington D.C. Mall, but they found ways to share America's celebration. SFA's Grand Ballroom provided a venue for spectators. Patriotism struck a chord for young people. Students wore flags in hats and sang the national anthem with televised coverage. Professor Dr Bea Clack spoke of a hopeful future. "It may be him (President Obama)  that does it. Hopefully, things will turn around."

Queen Handy joyfully marched with others in the MLK celebration.  On inauguration day Handy came to the Nacogdoches Public Library to share another historic day. "Because I can't be with friends and family, so I wanted to be with a group and enjoy this special moment,"  explained Handy.

Whit's Barbershop, a neighborhood business on Shawnee Street was a popular place to view the coverage. Patrons laughed as owner Taylor Whitaker secured duct tape to an antenna to connect everyone to the next President of the United States. Then they listened intently. "A bunch of happiness and glad to see this come to pass," expressed Whitaker of the moment.   During the address listeners picked up on what's important to them. Barry Roland, a father of a two year old son took note to President Obama's encouragement to nurture the children.   "When they get older everybody will have a difference in the world and the way it's going right now," said Roland.  A retired Air Force man cries tears of joy. Today is a dream come true.  "It's a feeling I've never had before," said M.L. Glenn.  "I'm just thankful the Lord has allowed me to see this."

The venues are different. No matter where you watch it, you were celebrating with America. For a moment people from all walks of life were brought together in the spirit of hope.