Lufkinites gather for inauguration ceremony

By: Coleman Swierc -

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This historic day, reached not only those in Washington, but all over.

Here in East Texas some cried, some took pictures, and some sat silently, soaking it all in.

"It is so overwhelming, it is hard to put into words," said First Missionary Baptist Church Reverend William Ricks, as he and about fifty members of his congregation watched the inauguration ceremonies.

When President Barack Obama finished his inagural speech, all in the church, stood and cheered.

"In my life I did not think that I would get a chance to see anything like this," said Lufkin native Barbara Thompson.

"It means so much, to all of us, not just African-Americans, but to everybody," said Rev. Ricks.

The inaguration of Obama, hit home for many, especially those ,thought the day, this day, would never come.

"Just looking at some of the faces of some of the older members here," said Sergeant First Class Michael Zachary, "it is just a sign of rejoicing, they could not believe that something like this could happen."

"I did not think that this would be something that I would get to see, but I am just grateful, and excited for what has transpired," said Rev. Ricks.

And as he excited the podium, Obama gave a message to all, a message of hope, and a message of unity.

"He is not just a president for some of us, but he is a president for all," said Thompson.

"Today he delieverd a good message, and I hope and pray that everyone will take heed to it," said Zachary, "and continue to show that not only on this day, that we can be a country that is together, but that we can be a country that is together in the years to come."

Something we can all hope, this president can acheive.