Texas Comptroller Outlook on the State's Economy

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Texas Comptroller Susan Combs is touring East Texas, talking about the statewide economic outlook and sharing with residents the issues that are impacting Texas taxpayers.

One of issue is that there is a widening gap between the demand for skilled workers in Texas and the state's ability to supply them. She says that good paying jobs are going unfilled because they can't find qualified workers. Despite this, Combs says Texas still remains an economic powerhouse, as compared to the rest of the nation.

"What I would say, sort of put it in health terms, if the United States has pneumonia, we will certainly get the sniffles. But we're not going to be as sick as they are because of some of the underlying financial strengths."

Combs added that some of Texas' financial strengths include our banking and housing industries, and strong sales tax numbers.