Pro-Life Activist Rally on State Capitol Steps

EAST TEXAS NEWS (KTRE) - Just a day after President Obama promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act... Pro-Life activists gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in Austin to commemorate the Roe versus Wade decision of 1973.

While the ruling was unfavorable to pro-lifers, protestors want to speak up against "foca", an act they say will put tax dollars into the hands of organizations that promote abortion overseas.

Dr. Joe Pojman, the Executive Director of Texas Rally for Life told KTRE, "We are looking for a day in Texas and nationally, when no woman seeks an abortion because she feels she has no alternative. So one of the goals of our rally is to promote a law that has been introduced in the texas legislator to create a specialty license plate with a nice message, "Choose life."

Last year more than two thousand Texans came to the rally. They expect more than 3 thousand participants this year.