East Texans Come Back From Inauguration Inspired

by Kirby Gibbs

Nacogdoches, TX (KTRE) - Millions went great distances last week to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama, including some East Texans. Now they're back and inspired. Today they shared their experiences with KTRE.

"I can't Explain it". "Undescribable". "It was one of the most inspiring and moving moments of my life"

These are shared words of those millions who traveled near and far to witness the Inauguration of America's first Black president. East Texans say the historical experience was both emotional and inspirational.

"You never imagine seeing so much hope and just positive optimism from so many people" said Walter Diggles, the Executive Director of the Deep East Texas Council of Governments and Economic Development District.

The sense of hope and optimsism didn't stay in Washington D.C. It's trickled into East Texas. Those who have come back say, now more than ever, they're ready, to do what it takes to keep the hope alive.

Samantha Baker, a member of Live Oak Missionary Baptist Church told KTRE, "Me wanting to be a teacher just to encourage younger people, people before me, I want to see them be better than me."

"I just want people my age just to do what they dreamed of. Don't let people put you down, go about your goals" said a middle school student of Nacogdoches.

And they didn't have to be up close and personal either to be affected by the moment.

"We saw him on the screen. that was as close as we got to seeing him actually" proudly admitted Greshun Williams of Live Oak MBC, "but just to be there and to know that he was in the same vicinity that we were and to know that he was just across the way."

And while it may not have been the most comfortable experience, it was a price many didn't mind paying for the opportunity to tell this story to others.

"Yes it was cold, and yes there were a lot of people and all of that, but I would not have exchanged it for anything." Wise words from Pastor S. Keith Warner of Live Oak MBC.