The Economy Is Hurting New Home Construction in Many Cities

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - During these trying economic times, city and state officials have been reassuring East Texans that unlike many other states, Texas is still standing strong.

With APRs at an all time low, the home business is especially withstanding the test of times. But home sales aren't the only things going up in East Texas, so is home construction. While home builders in other cities are struggling, business for local contractors is boomming.

The TExas Comptroller, Susan Combs told KTRE concerning construction, "Where we're seeing the bulk of construction losses is in the major cities, Houston, Dallas etc. those are gonna have a little less flexibility in turning around. But no, I feel real optimistic that East Texas is going to keep on keeping on."

According to John Brian, the owner of JCB Builders and the President of Deep East Texas Builders Association (DETAB),"New construction in East Texas, I mean as far as the builders I've talked to and myself, there's plenty of work to go around and lots of new starts going on and we've got a lot more than we can handel at this time."

Future home buyers were able to consult with local home builders today at the DETAB Home Show. The number of atendees were proof that new home constructoin is steadily growing.