Nacogdoches Police issue a DWI, to man driving tractor

Gerald Herbert Jr.
Gerald Herbert Jr.

By: Coleman Swierc / email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 98% of all DWI arrests stem from the person driving a car, truck, or motocycle.

But that last 2% can leave the door wide open, as the Nacogdoches Police Department found out late Monday night.

"It is one of those things that you kind of stop and chuckle," said NPD Information Officer Segeant Greg Sowell.

But it was no laughing matter, Nacogdoches police had to hit the law books for an unusual incident.

Late Monday night, Gerald Herbert Jr., was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

But he was not driving a car or truck, it was a tractor.

"Our officers located the tractor, and when they turned around to stop the tractor, he pulled off the road," said Sowell.

Herbert was arrested and booked for DWI, the tractor was then impounded.

Nacogdoches police say, tractor or not, this case is no different.

"The public needs to know that it can happen as well, it is a motor vehicle as defined under the penal code, and you can get a DWI for a tractor or any type of equipment like that," said Sowell.

Tractor or not, police say, the same rules still apply.

"If they are going to drink, then they do not need to drive a car," says DPS Trooper Greg Sanches, "these contribute to alot of accidents and people getting hurt and getting killed on the roadway."

"We would not treat this any different than we would any other DWI," said Sowell.

While this case is as serious as any other, don't expect DWI's on tractors, to be a common theme.

" know that in the city of nacogdoches, it is a rare occurance, mainly because we do not have a lot of tractor traffic," chuckled Sowell.

While some may find humor in this story, the facts remain the same, over 1,600 drivers are killed every year in Texas from alcohol realated incidents.