Citation Workers Look Forward to a Bright Future

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Citation Corporation of Lufkin will begin its layoffs February 15th. All 325 of its employees will be affected . But even before employees knew citation was closing, businesses had been working with the company to prepare for the massive layoffs. KTRE found out what Workforce Solutions and Angelina College are doing to help make the transition smoother for employees.

Losing a job a can be a nightmare, but Citation has been working alongside Workforce Solutions and Angelina College to ensure their soon to be laid off workers, can look forward to a bright future.

Cecil Brewer, the Director of Technical and Workforce Department told KTRE, "The college is very interested in helping those folks at Citation retrain, regear and regroup since they're gonna be facing a layoff with new skills and new abilities to pursue things they might have wanted to pursue all along, but now's they're chance".

It's a chance that one Citation employee says he is taking full advantage of.

An employee of Citation, Jesus Zunia III says, "I'm going to school right now for welding. First I went in to get my certificate. It takes like four classes to get your certificate and since we're getting laid off, TWC is offering this unemployment thing and paying for school and I think Ima go for my degree now".

Workforce Solutions offers financial aid and benefits they can cash in at Angelina College for their dream career.

"They can take classes to become an electrician or power technician, they can take classes here to become welders, machinist, drafters, we have a paralegal program, criminal justice, we have child and family, and if they're interested in working with young children" says Brewer.

With all the opportunities offered to Citation employees, even facing a layoff there is yet hope.

"We have the means and the ability to help pursue the their dreams, whatever they are, to get through this situation and to provide for themselves and their families, a good strong, stable occupation"says Brewer.

"I'm learning something I can live off of. Support my family with". Words of hope from Zunia.

Layoffs will begin February 15th and extend through February 27th. Some layoffs could extend beyond February 27th in order to complete customer orders .