Lufkin students build classroom

By: Coleman Swierc - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - At the end of the red brick road sits a house, with shingles, wood siding and brick trim it even meets house code.

The red brick road, just so happens to be in a classroom, and it is all built free of charge.

"It was like get out of the way, let them go, because they were really excited," said Build and Trade Instructor Calvin Fry.

"I was excited, I could not wait, I was jumping around," said student Timothy Quemby.

The students at Lufkin High School built the house in their classroom, now the house is the classroom.

"When you first come in here, it kind of scares, you would not think a house would look like this at first," said student Mitchell Williams.

"Once they started on it, and the seen what it was going to look like, and we had the plans in front of us, they warmed up to it, now they love it," said Fry.

Hard to think otherwise, the house is over 800 square feet and includes a handi-cap accessable bathroom, a spacious classroom and a new office for the teacher.

Not bad for some first timers.

"I am going to be happy that I learned this trade," said Quemby, "you can do so many stuff with it, it is unreal."

"I was amazed, I would not have know it was done like this until I walked in," said another student.

Don't worry parents, actual learning is taking place.

"Math, math, math, they hate to hear me say that," said Fry, "but math is a big part of everything that we teach here, we teach math here, just like they would in the classroom."

And like class the students will graded, from the looks of things, this house adds up to nothing but an A.