Houston County group working to preserve history

By: Coleman Swierc

Crockett, Texas (KTRE) - "I was hoping to find it, I was not really sure were it was when I started up this pasture, we finally got to less than 100 yards when we could tell it was a cemetery."

What Clayton Starr found, were historical markers and tombstones, in such poor conditions, some are not even readable.

"Most of the tombstones behind me I could not see when I was out here," said Starr.

Starr is part of the Houston County Historical Commission, a group, trying to preserve the history of Texas, but alot of that history, is buried among overgrown weeds, fallen trees, and briar patches.

"It makes you want to cry, when you see people, buried here that fought in the Texas Revolution, or in the Civil War, and no one is really taking note of that," said Maxine Moore.

"We probably have more than 250 cemeteries, and I am going to say that more than half of them need attention," said another member, Marty Cash.

And the cemeteries in the Crockett are not the only ones, the Commission says that more than 100 identified abandoned cemeteries need serious work.

"Hopefully this one will get taken care of," said Starr.

That hope, could be realized faster, the Historical Commission, says if more people help, then more history can be saved.

"We would hope that the people that come after us would remember their history, value it, and honor it by taking care of it," said Moore.

"If we dont take care of these things then no one else is going to," said Cash.

If you would like to make a donation to the Houston County Historical Commission, they have a fund set up at the Crockett Bank, under the name "R.I.P. Volunteers."