It Costs to be an Uninsured Driver

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Cutting back on expenses is a growing trend because of the economy, but some motorists are cutting financial corners at the risk of others. In Texas more than 21,000 Allstate insured drivers were involved in accidents with drivers who had no insurance at all. A report by TexasSure says the percentage of uninsured motorists could increase as unemployment rises.  But cutting off your insurance now could cost you down the road.

Driving without insurance is against the law... Still, some are taking that risk, just to save money.

"The cost for not having the insurance that's required by law, is passed on to those of us who do have the coverage, but to get a ticket and not have the insurance is going to be very expensive" says Allstate Agent, Tommy Street.

Costly indeed. Not only could you pay $250 a year in fines for for up to three years, but you could also, lose your right to drive.

Trooper Greg Sanches told KTRE, "If they file a judgment because of the damages occurred in the accident, you'll lose your license til you repay all that money back, so a person can really get themselves in a lot of trouble. So you're looking at a lot of money down the road there where you could have saved a lot of money by having insurance".

Until every Texan is insured, drivers are urged to drive defensively.

"Most of us could avoid a lot of accidents by keeping our distance, watching our speed, always watching what other drivers are doing always assuming the worst out there, always paying attention to what we're doing" says Sanches.

Currently, there are around four million people driving texas roads, *without proper insurance.