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Kids Catch big at Nacogdoches Kid Fish

by Kirby Gibbs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Kids from all over Nacogdoches flooded into Lakeside Park to fish for the catch of the day.

"They're fishing for rainbow trout" said Billy Cox of the Coastal Conservation Association. "These trout have been stocked this past week. They're small sized, the kids can handle a small sized tackle."

They were reeling them in like pros... Kids told KTRE things like, "We've done this plenty of times" and "I've been knowing how to fish."

And for those who were'nt getting many bites... No problem... To them, it was all about the experience.

"We're all teaching kids how to fish, the responsibilities of fishing, how many fish to keep, what kind of bait to use, why we're using a particular bait, how to land the fish" said the event Coordinator, Doug James.

There were some big timers in crowd too...  One fisher boasted, "I was the first girl to catch a fish out here".

And as proud as these fishermen and girls were, some remained modest. One young man cuaght 10 fish in just an hour and was steady reeling them in.

Winners of this year's competition in each age category are:

Ages 1-8:         Smallest Trout - .08lbs. - Tyler Burris

                        Largest Trout - .68lbs. - Matt Thompson

                        Largest String - 1.98lbs. - Buddy Worsham

Ages 9-16:       Smallest Trout - .16lbs. - Rayshon Ross

                        Largest Trout - .57lbs. - Jeffery Brister

                        Largest String - 1.95lbs. - Tanner Albritton

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