Snakes in East Texas are out and about

By: Coleman Swierc -

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The sun in the sky offers a chance for people to go outside.

But beware, out of the grass may come some unwanted visitors.

"When the weather starts heating up, they start to get more active," says Director of Animal Control for Lufkin, Rhonda Mclendon.

The break in the cold weather, means our slithery friends could be making some unwanted apperarances.

"Log piles, rock piles, piles of leaves, etc..."

The snakes at Ellen Trout Zoo, are safely seperated from everyone, but snakes in the wild, are looking for any chance to move out, and soak up the sun.

"You have to be careful year round, because East Texas has such unusual weather," says Mclendon, "you have hot days and cold days, and you will get a little snake activity."

"On these warmer days like today, it is getting into the 70's, they are going to come out and seek heat, mainly roads, someones porch, any where around gardens is where you will see them come out," says Scott Johnson, Reptile Keeper at Ellen Trout Zoo.

The most common circumstance that you might find one of our scaley friends here in East Texas is when snakes hit the streets, trying to soak op as much heat from the pavement as possible.

"Any where that absorbs heat or keeps heat, you will see them there," says Johnson.

And that includes rocks, high grass and gardens...a common place for snakes to steal some sunlight.

But if you see one, remember, as Johnson says, "never pick up a snake."

"If it is outside, then let it go on its way."