New medical helicopter service comes to Lufkin

By: Coleman Swierc -

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -  A new era of care arrived at Woodland Heights hospital today, offering new hope to pregnant moms. In conjunction with The Women's Hospital of Texas, a straight route from Houston to Lufkin is now available for critical care.

"You are looking for better outcome for mom and baby the faster that we can get the out," said Kate Conner, a flight nurse on board the chopper.

In this case, faster is better, the new service will offer exclusive critical care to women who encounter life threatening compilcations due to pregnancy.

"You can just pop down here and land, and turn around and get them back to the critical care they need in a shorter amount of time," says pilot Steven Richardson, "and that is certainly a nice aspect we offer here."

"You are getting a critical care unit to you in a short amount of time, and to a critical care facility in a shorter amount of time," says Conner.

One of the biggest advantages for patients using this brand new helicopter, travel time down to Houston and the care they need expected to be cut in half, if not more.

"If it was a critical situation, then we could get down here and pick them up and get back in about half the time," says Richardson.

The transport team, will use the fully loaded chopper, dedicated to the care of women and infants, in order to ensure the safe arrival of both chopper and baby."

"Our whole mission is to get us there safely and our patients there safely."