Internet Predator Protection

On Tuesday, officials announced that about 90,000 sex offenders were removed from Myspace, one of the largest online social networking websites. To crack down on online predators, Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, urge legislators to consider requiring sexual predators to register their e-mail addresses, mobile telephone numbers, social networking aliases and other electronic identification information.

In the meantime, some East Texas computer experts say keeping kids safe is a job for parents as well, and it's a tough job that requires parents to have some of latest technology to keep their kids in and predators out.

Charlie Free, computer expert for DP Solutions says, " There's a company called Spector Soft that has a program called Spector Soft Pro. You install on it on your computer and basically its hidden software and it literally tracks everything that is done on the computer."

The software program gives parents a keen eye for what's going on.

Free adds, "you know what they're doing, you know what IP address they went to, you know what password they put in so you can track them."

To fight against predators it is going to take education for both parents and kids.

Beth Eddings, a parent, says, "I think education is key, and just being open and honest with them as why they put these controls on there."

Free adds, "The parents that fall back on, I just don't know enough, that's not an excuse anymore because the Internet is here to stay. If you're worried about your children you're gonad have to learn enough of the technology to keep an eye on them."

The Spec tor Soft Pro software cost around 100 dollars and it can be downloaded right to your computer. For more information go to