Meth Lab Bust

The S.W.A.T Team, Angelina County Sheriff's Deputies and Lufkin Police entered in a home on the 800 block of Moore Street to find a meth lab in operation.

Sergeant Allen Hill, with the Narcotics Divison of the Angelina County Sheriff's Department says, "He was cooking in the lab and left. When we come up the front door  they could smell it."

Law enforcement confiscated more than five pounds of methamphetamine, most of it liquid form. Drain cleaner, acetone, and even iodine: common household products used to make meth, but police say these criminals will use anything they can find.

Hill adds, "They improvise, anything we take away they get another way."

Some of the chemicals used to make meth, if mixed together could be fatal.

Every time law enforcement make a meth lab bust it cost taxpayers nearly 20,000 dollars and thats just for cleanup.  A hazmat crew from Laporte, Tx will come to clean up the mess.

Hill adds, "They improvise, anything we take away they get another way."

Sheriff's Deputies say Shannon Carl Curtis . He's in jailed charged with delivery and manufacturing of a controlled substance, first and third degree felonies. And often times, meth makers use their own product because they figure it's cheaper that way.

"They put the meth in there and mix it with water heat it up and little cotton ball in there to filter, there is an exposed needle there, they it up in there needle," Hill says as he holds a spoon used to smoke meth.

Just today, a national study released says meth abuse is costing the nation 23 billion dollars. It's a problem for the nation and it's crippling East Texas.

"The cocaine dealers, the pot dealers, Angelina County has a problem, all of East Texas does, not just our county. Its everywhere , its making it to our schools, its poisoning our society, "

Two boys, ages nine and eleven also lived in that home, and have been placed in Child Protective Services custody. Sheriff's deputies plan to have the children tested to find out how much methamphetamine they have been exposed to.