Lufkin woman appears on Dr. Phil show

By Lane Luckie - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - First it was Kendall Beard on American Idol and now another Lufkin native is in the limelight on national television. This time it's Emily Eckert, an SFA student.

Eckert said she is always late, so she turned to Doctor Phil for help. She got side-tracked on a sore subjet. "They contacted me and they were like, what bugs you about men and so of course I loaded off. They said they liked what I had to say."

She flew out to Los Angeles to join a panel to figure out what women find irritating about men.

"You can't say all men are like this, but a lot of men are lazy. They are liars and you know they are just irresponsible."

The guys got raunchy, but Emily held her own. She said to a show guest, You're disgusting. You may have good looks but your personality makes you ugly. They were unbelievable. I think they were overall cowards just trying to cover it all up."

She knows not all guys are bad. She believes there is a true gentleman out there. "Every relationship should be more of a team. Each should give and take the same amount."

As far as her time management, that was something Doctor Phil couldn't cure. "I didn't learn anything. I'm still late. I missed my flight to Doctor Phil."

Eckert's appearance on the show will air on KTRE, Friday at 3 PM.