Local bank credit card customers face security breach

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nearly 200 people in the East Texas area with First Bank and Trust of East Texas Visa or Mastercards recently received notices in the mail from the bank, telling them their information has been compromised.

The Executive Vice President of the bank, Lufkin Mayor Jack Gorden, said he was first notified of the breach around Christmas time. He said a third party credit card processor found embedded software in their system. He said the bank took care of the problem before people really noticed it.

"Well, any time there is a breach of security like that, there's no telling where the information may go...so, you know what has to be done is to protect the customers at any cost," said Gorden.

The bank has re-issued credit cards to those people impacted by the security breach. Gorden calls the hack a sign of the times.