East Texas Woman Awaiting Liver and Kidney Transplant

by Kirby Gibbs

CLAWSON, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas woman who has fought through two liver transplants since she was four, has been life-flighted to a Dallas hospital and is in critical condition.

Kelly Musick-Smith has been living her life to the fullest despite doctors writing her off as a hopeless case. Since her last liver transplant she has given birth to a son who will turn four in June....something most liver transplant patients aren't able to do. While Kelly has proven to be strong, her body is struggling to fight off an infection caused by a surgical procedure that went wrong. She was life-flighted to Baylor Hospital in Dallas last Monday.

Kelly's sister, JoLynn Musick told KTRE, "The doctor really said there was probably no hope, we need a miracle, but she's making baby steps towards getting better and her blood pressure's getting back to normal. She's still critical, but she is making steps towards the positive direction... So that's good... some hope there."

Kelly Musick is still in need of another liver transplant and a kidney transplant.

So to help raise funds for Kelly's medical expenses, Grace Baptist Church in Clawson will be selling barbeque plates on Friday February 27th, but the orders have to be in before February 20. Then on Saturday, February 28 the church will have a garage sale.

Numbers to call to place orders are: 936-465-4814, 936-635-3696, 936-212-7803, 936-212-7801.