Local creosoting company ships hope around the nation

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Creosoting has been filling some tall orders.   Ice and snow storms left southern parts of the country damaged, but this local company is coming to the rescue with a pile of help.

"We appreciate the opportunity to be there, we're sorry that the people are going through the troubles they're going through, but we certainly appreciate being able to help them out," sales manager for Lufkin Creosoting Company, Incorporated John Derrick said.

As one of very few of its kind, the company has become a saving grace for many without power, and when it only takes 24 hours to complete the treatment process, help can be on the way fast.

"So literally today you could have a tree standing, and tomorrow you could have electricity running across it," Derrick said.

The company tells us during this crises they have ten trucks and nearly 400 poles being shipped out every day to people across the United States from this plant right now.  However, Derrick insists it is all just a matter of returning the kindness.

"We've had times where Ike came through, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina, when other treaters have banned together and helped us and we feel good to be able to repay the favor to them," Derrick said.

While the wood business may be a little tough right now, this company is staying pretty busy, and Derrick said while the orders may help business, he hates it for the victims.

He said they will continue to take orders and stay busy.

Derrick said, "Bless your heart help is on the way."

The Lufkin family owned and operated business has sent out nearly 1,800 telephone poles to Arkansas and Missouri and the company says they have many more to send.