High School Hero - 10/22 - Amber Low

Amber Low is a good student. She's ranked number one in her senior class at Alto, and she's the only senior at the school to receive academic recognition for all three parts of the TAAS test. Amber plans to continue her academic success at Texas A&M next year, and she is already ahead of schedule.

"I'm going to end up graduating high school with 19 college hours, I have very little time, I go to Tyler Junior College, so I'm driving to Tyler all the time. I just have to make time to study," said Amber.

Amber is also taking a psychology class at school. As part of that course, she volunteers two days a week at a local nursing home. Several students help the residents exercise, and on Thursdays they also share beauty tips.

"They kind of need doing, don't they. I did them last time. They need a little bit more don't they. Thursday we'll do your nails, when Mary comes, and she'll bring the nail polish and we'll do your nails for you," explained Amber.

You can plainly see amber has formed some close relationships with the residents.

"I think probably when this class is over, I'll probably still come back. We've gotten to know the people. They enjoy us and we enjoy them and it's a good experience," said Low.

And the residents agree.

"It's just great to have all the kids come out and spend time with us. It's always something to look forward to," said Charles McCullogh, a nursing home resident.