Storm in Nacogdoches County takes roof

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Sherman Kossie heard the winds around midnite, but it wasn't until this morning did he realize what destruction they caused. "It really shocked me because we didn't hear the noise of the roof or anything like that, but when I got out here I could see that probably about three quarters of my roof was gone," said the property owner. The roof of Kossie's metal workshop peeled off. It's now held by the branches of a tall hardwood. "I feel like it may have been a tornado, but I'm not really sure because of the way things are," speculated Kossie. "Part of my roof is over there on the ground, part of the roof is behind the building and it just tore it all to the rafters."

Elsewhere, numerous trees were discovered across roadways. County road crews are tired tonight after beginning at six this morning sawing trees blown into county roads. Most were found primarily from about Hiway 7 west to northwestern Nacogdoches County.

A bit to the east, on Hiway 259 North, several accidents occurred, including the roll over of a double trailer filled with acetone. The UPS truck was pretty messed up, but the driver will be alright. What caught trooper's attention was this was the third rollover within 50 feet of this location on the same night. Trooper John Riggings alerted the highway department to determine if the roadway needed to be resurfaced to prevent future accidents.

The familiar sound of generators echoed from households where power was lost. A utility crew stayed busy replacing downed power lines along the Nacogdoches east loop. About 12,000 Nacogdoches County residents were without power this morning. Most all had it restored by evening.