Restaurant Report- Angelina County

So let's find out what health inspectors found when visiting some Angelina County eateries this week.

Jack in the Box received 21 demerits. The floors and filters needed cleaning. The area under the fryers and ice machine also needed cleaning. Food was stored on the freezer floor, and proper food handler's certification was needed.

Dee Dee Donuts received 10 demerits. Health inspectors said the unused equipment must be removed. All shelves and the freezer must be cleaned. Rodent dropping were present. They also needed to discard old rodent traps and replace them.

McDonald's inside Walmart received 14 demerits. Staff needed proper food handler's certification. Under kitchen equipment, the ice machine, the floors and the freezer all needed cleaning.

Congratulations to the following: The Donut Palace, Fuller's Buffet, Angelina County Airport Cafe, and Brooke's Pizza Pro, all received zero demerits.