Major developments in the investigation of child's death

NACOGDOCHES,TX (KTRE) - James Sanchez places hastily prepared fliers on cars inviting people to tonight's candlelight vigil.   "I hope some people come," commented Sanchez as he placed a leaflet under windshield wipers. The gesture comes from friends of Kaylan Broumley, a three year old who was taken off life support. Investigators suspect child abuse. They also know her father, a man who wanted custody of his daughter. They say Kaylan suffered abuse for much of her young life. Sanchez urges everyone to, "Report child abuse. If you see it report it."

Apparently, this is something Kaylan's advocates actually did. Arrest affidavits and CPS documents provide the evidence. The CPS dismissed complaints filed as early as 2005, shortly after Kaylan's birth. At the time of her death CPS was investigating a December complaint. "We are reviewing the handling of the situation to determine if it was handled properly and appropriately," said Shari Pulliam, Child Protective Services spokesperson.  "That is done whenever a child dies when CPS is actively involved with the family."

All those complaints are against Kaylan's mother, Joy Yates. Pulliam says the agency wasn't aware of the boyfriend, Tyrone Roberts until Monday night. That's when he conjured up a story that the child had fallen off a horse.  His charges of injury to a child were upgraded to capital murder on Friday afternoon following the child's autopsy. Bond is denied. The mother had an appointment to be interviewed by authorities. Her other two children are now in the custody of foster care.

According to an arrest affidavit, the baby's mother told officers Roberts delayed her from seeking medical treatment for her daughter for several hours. Kaylan suffered a brain injury. In addition there were numerous bruises over much of her body. Brandi and Tami Morris saw them at Kaylan's bedside. "She had bruises from her cheeks to the bottom of her feet. Hand prints in her rib cage and there were two that were identifiable," described Tami Morris.   "A helpless little girl. What did she do to deserve any of that?," added Tami's sister, Brandi.

As common in this kind of event there are those who lash out at child protective services. "If they (CPS) had reacted, this would have never happened," said one man as he removed a flier from his truck.

Pulliam said the CPS was in the process of providing Yates with anger management and parental training. "We had transferred this case to Family Based Safety Services and what that is a program that provides families ongoing services to assist in reducing the risk of abuse and neglect in children."

But time ran out for CPS and for baby Kaylan.