East Texas trading to save money

by Kirby Gibbs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You may not be one to frequent garage sales and resale shops, but during these economic times, you may start considering it in order to stretch your pennies. KTRE stopped by to what some consider to be a huge outdoor garage sale and spoke with East
Texans who say they're trading their cash for a bargain.

You may have passed it by, and didn't think twice about stopping, but if you're trying to save some cash, you may want to make a u-turn and see how you can save at a trade days, like the one on Highway 69.

Vicki Hernandez, a manager of the Highway 69 Trade Days told KTRE, "I think that in today's economic times that people are starting to look for bargains more and just trying to get a little more for their money and when you come to a trades days or a flea market, you can usually find some good used items and just get some better deals on stuff".

Whether it's new or used, vendors say they have just what you've bargained for.

"Just a little bit of everything. Price ranges from everything. Always willing to make a bargain, make a deal, so they get the best bang for their buck", said one of the vendors, Connie Wells.

And while people may be more selective in what they buy and how they spend, the managers and vendors of the trade days aren't missing out on profits, nor are they losing customers.

A Trade Days shopper admitted, "It's a lot more inexpensive to shop here for sure. And there's a lot of things to choose from".

Trade days aren't just helping customers keep more money in their pockets...

Betty Gibson of the Soap Garden told us, "The thing about the trade days is that it does give me a chance that I couldn't get otherwise, because there's no way I could get into a Macys or Dillard's or something like that to market my products, and especially, I can provide what I want to the customers at a price they can afford".

During these tough economic times, finding a good deal can lift just about anybody's spirit.

"People still need to get out a and enjoy themselves even through hard times, especially through hard times" advised Hernandez.

The Highway 69 Trade Days are open from 9am to 5 pm every 2nd weekend of the month.