Man's family speaks out about baby's death

By Holley Nees - bio | email

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - While investigators are still silent on the cause of Kaylan Broumley's death, Anthony Tyrone Roberts' only children are now speaking out.

"Yeah, I miss my daddy.  I miss him because that [isn't] right going to see him with some glass over me and him talking," his daughter Yana Roberts said.

Seventeen-year-old Yana Roberts said her dad always makes sure they keep their grades up and stay on the right track.  She said she knows in her heart her dad did nothing wrong.

While Roberts' ex-wife said she may have had her differences with him, she knows he would never do anything like this.

"I believe Anthony, what he told me.  Anthony wouldn't hurt [any] child.  He, never [has] whooped his son," said Robert's ex-wife Annette Roberts.

His son said his mom is right.

"He's just a good person.  He never even whooped me," Anthony Roberts Jr. said.

Roberts' family said he went to the police station on Tuesday to offer information about Kaylan's incident and was never released.

However, his sister-in-law, said police are after the wrong person.

"Anybody that knows him and knows her, they know what I'm talking about," Shatacca Roberts said.

Roberts' daughter, Yana, said she was staying with her dad and Kaylan's mom for nearly four weeks, until Joy Yates kicked her out because she confronted Yates about abusing her kids.

Yana Roberts claims Yates, "...hit them with toys, put them down on the ground and punch them,  I've seen this stuff."

They remain hopeful that in the end, the truth will all come out.  However, Annette Roberts said her kids need their father.

"It's tough, but we [are] going to get by, we [are] going to make it," Annette Roberts said.

Roberts' sister-in-law said the last time she talked to Kaylan's mom was right after the incident.  The East Texas News Team tried to reach Kaylan's mom, Joy Yates, at her last known telephone number, but we received a busy signal.