East Texas man having trouble caring for growing number of dogs

By Lane Luckie - bio | email

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas man is having trouble caring for a growing number of dogs. He was reported last week for the condition of his dogs, but he said he's doing his best to take care of them.

Loyd Johnson knows when animals are being abused. "Dogs actually dead and crawling on the ground because they're starving to death and have diseases and stuff. Well that [isn't] my case."

He's not happy that he is being accused of neglecting his dogs. The man who reported him, Kevin Koonce said he's worried about what he saw. "I saw Mr. Johnson coming out of his driveway. There was a small dog that was following his vehicle out. That dog just looked terrible. I followed the dog back to the house and I saw the rest of the animals."

Dozens of animals roam Johnson's yard; too many to count. "One day I fed them out there just to take a head count," said Johnson. "I started counting and I said man you know it didn't look like that many."

The Police Report filed against him said many of the dogs appeared to be under-fed. Johnson said his dogs don't go hungry, even if he can't always afford food for them. "I go to brother-in-laws or my cousin and ask for help and if they can't, I go out there and hunt rabbits and squirrels for them."

Help is hard to come by in rural areas, especially when there is no one to help. We simply don't have adequate resources, in many cases, no resources to seize animals that have been mistreated, malnourished, or not cared for properly," said San Augustine Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Gary Cunningham.

Johnson wants what's best for his pups, and the North Texas Humane Society and SPCA are reaching out. "We're spaying and neutering the dogs we're keeping," Johnson said. "The dogs we aren't keeping, which is a good number of them, they're going to take them back and nurse them to health and put them up for adoption."

The Humane Society will come to the Johnson's home on Thursday to crate the dogs he is giving up. The dogs will be picked up on Friday and on their way to finding new homes.