Mother talks about the day her child received deadly injuries

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The mother of baby Kaylan Broumley finally ends her silence. Her three year old daughter was buried Thursday after dying from alleged child abuse injuries. Today Simmons called the East Texas News. Simmons said she would never hurt her baby this way. Today, Sheriff Thomas Kerss says Simmons is only a witness and not a suspect. Simmons is expected to give a witness statement soon. Her two other children have. Anthony Tyrone Roberts remains in jail charged with capital murder.

Simmons gave this account of the day her baby was hurt. "After running errands, my four year old daughter came running out telling me that Anthony pushed Kaylan. Before I could get in the house Anthony drove away. I found Kaylan. I thought she was asleep. She had a hand print on her face, a man's hand print"   Simmons says Roberts returned about ten minutes later after she called him on her cell phone. Simmons says when he got back he took her cell phone away,preventing her from calling 911.  "I couldn't call 911 because I no longer had a phone. About 45 minutes went by. I bathed kaylan to try to wake her up. I had to go with his story in order to convince him to take her to the hospital." Roberts and Simmons told the hospital the child had fallen off a horse. They later said the story was a lie.

Simmons has been investigated by Child Protective Services. At the time of her child's death she was scheduled to begin anger management classes.