Regulating your child's cell phone

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Music to your ears, or just a headache?

"They'll stand in line and they'll talk on their phones, trying to get their lunch and they'll email, text mail, whatever," said Alice Gustafson, a Lufkin ISD Employee.

However, AT&T said there is hope with a plan where parents can limit their child's calls, text messages, and even when their phone can function, causing some parents to change their tune when it comes to buying their young one a cell phone.

AT&T Spokesperson, Sarah Andreani said, "We have seen a great amount of interest especially with the AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless."

For some parents it means a little peace of mind.

"Because there's too much things, or too many things that could happen with the Internet and everything, the same thing could happen with the cell phones," mother of four, Ashla Soignet said.

The local AT&T store said all you need is an email account, Internet access, and an account with AT&T to limit your child's cell phone use.

Kids these days are talking with a few characters at lunch because it is hard when you are young to be out of the loop.

"The reason why we use it is because like we communicate with our families," said one Lufkin ISD student.

Aside from learning what your friends are doing next, cell phones are not exactly part of the school curriculum.

A Lufkin High School student said, "We're not supposed to use them."

But, that does not stop many students.

"Do I get in trouble?  I don't get caught,"  another Lufkin High School student said.

But, AT&T said making kids focus on what is important is part of the plan.

"To keep their children on task while in school," AT&T employee, Michael Sheldon said.

So, for those of you wanting to protect your kids, or just wanting a little peace and quite, there is hope.

With the plan, regardless of restrictions, calls to 911 can always be made. The Smart Limits for Wireless plan from AT&T is $4.99 per month for each line.  Go here to learn more.