The Academy Awards on KTRE-TV

HOLLYWOOD, CA. - This coming Sunday night the cream of Hollywood will be at the Oscars and  all the traditional parties that follow the awards ceremony.

But this year, there's a new stop on the party train.  The first stop for everyone immediately after the Academy Awards ceremony  is the Governor's Ball.

And Wolfgang Puck is ready to once again to satisfy Hollywood's most discriminating crowd.

Many stars then head to several parties that have traditionally drawn the  "A" list crowd for many years, including Elton John's and Vanity Fair.  But this year, there's a new party on the block which is being thrown by longtime TV and radio host Leeza Gibbons, "I have no idea about how to put on an Oscar bash. But I do know what's in my heart about pride in our industry, our town, which is about giving back and I decided to let that be enough."

Leeza has recruited famous friends like Olivia Newton John and David Foster - along with a generous volunteer staff - and created "A Night to Make a Difference."    The idea is to mix celebrity with charity.

They're planning an all-star extravaganza at Mr. Chow and their soiree will also feature a live webcast.  But what really makes it different is Leeza calls it a party with a conscience.  "Why not take the Oscar stage and put a spotlight on advocacy, philanthropy  and volunteerism, that's what Hollywood does. that's part of what makes a star shine.  "We hope people will take the example that Hollywood puts out to say what can I do, I'm not bill Gates or Oprah.  But I can donate my time, reach out my hand, give a smile that might not be something but will lift us, we can all do something. Obama had it right, a night to make a difference that we hope will resonate and last."

You can watch the Academy Award on KTRE-TV Sunday night beginning at 7 p.m.