Baby Kaylan's death leads to an increased number of child abuse calls to CPS

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - When news of baby Kaylan Broumley's fatal injuries surfaced, the phone began ringing at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. "In two days there were 17 intakes of abuse and neglect to the Nacogdoches office of Child Protective Services," said Lisa King, Chairperson of the Nacogdoches Child Welfare Board.  "And these were either filed through the 1-800 hotline, or on line." The calls kept coming. Ten cases over the weekend after Kaylan's death. Seven more the next week. "In a week's time abuse calls more than doubled," said Shari Pulliam, spokesperson for the TDFPS.   "For the outcry to have occurred across the county is something that shows people are very concerned about abuse and neglect," commented King.

It was the same kind of outcry placed for Kaylan. Child abuse investigations were underway, but the child had not been removed from the environment. Only after Kaylans' death, have her siblings been placed in foster care. On Friday, one week after her baby's death, Joy Simmons, Kaylan's mother,  had appointments with CASA and CPS to discuss her daughter's case and to discuss arrangements for her other two children.

Simmons was interviewed by Rebecca Carlton. The CASA executive director can't talk about the conversation, but she can share why the meeting is necessary when providing children with court appointed special advocate. "We usually just want to hear their side of, and their understanding of why they think their child was in the custody of CPS," explained Carlton.

Simmons four year old daughter and six year old son will have guardian ad litems, something Kaylan never received because she was never placed in foster care. "She wasn't there yet," said Carlton.  "I have no doubt her outcome would be different if she did have a CASA volunteer, but that would also mean that she would be in custody of the state and she would not have been in that home."

Simmons isn't a suspect, but rather a witness. She hasn't been interviewed by the sheriff's department. The chief investigator in the case said she was, "too distraught to talk". Sheriff Thomas Kerss told us, "It takes a whole set of different proof to link Simmons to the crime. Our decision won't be rushed for certain."

People have reported Simmons for child abuse. She's been investigated for committing child abuse. She also allowed her children around Anthony Tyrone Roberts,  the man in jail for the capital murder of Kaylan. State records show the child was seen with bruises, a cut eye,  burned feet, and ultimately a brain injury.

Choosing her words carefully, Carlton said, "Just from what I have read and the information I have received, (that) everybody else has, I would have thought, I think everybody feels like, I would have done something differently."