Tough cookies learn a tough lesson in economics

by Kirby Gibbs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Girl scouts across East Texas are getting a lesson in economics. And even though it is their most popular fundraiser ... You have to be a tough cookie to raise money during this recession.

While "No" may not be the response Scouts want to hear...They're realizing people aren't indulging in thin mints like they used to.

"You can tell that everyone's trying to cut back because times are kinda hard... Even for us", says one scout.

Some say they're watching their figures... But local troops say, most people are trying to cut back on dollars, not calories.

Troop Leader, Dedee O'Bannon of Troop 1094 says, "I think they don't have as much disposable income as we have had in the past. So they're still wanting their cookies because they taste good, they're just not wanting to spend as much money on them. She also told KTRE, "We seem to have the same number of people purchasing cookies, however, they're just not purchasing as many. Last year we had a bunch of people come through and they would buy a case of their favorites. This year they're just buying two or three boxes".

Despite slow sales, the Girl Scouts are keeping a positive attitude.

"The cookie sales are fun cause you know" says Erin Paulvadore of Troop 9074. "It's selling cookies, but we need money cause camping trips are way more fun than selling cookies and we can't just go camping with nothing cause we need food... And service projects too. Cause we need to give stuff back. People buy our cookies and we need to give something back to them cause sometimes just a thank you isn't enough you need to actually do something".

A little something can go a long way.

Girl Scouts across East Texas will continue selling cookies for the next three weeks.