Nacogdoches gas spill update

NACGOGDOCHES, TX(KTRE)- A significant fish kill is under investigation in Nacogdoches, following a gasoline spill over the weekend.

A Texas Parks and Wildlife Pollution Biologist, Greg Conley says he  found seventeen different species of aquatic life in Lanana Creek. Some of those died following the accidental spill of about 300 gallons of gasoline. The fuel spill is mostly contained between Park and Main Streets.

Conley says, "I do not expect any further impact to fish and wildlife resources at this point. We will continue to see through out the cleanup process what happens."

Richard Lenius, with DLS Environmental adds, " We do have it contained and we have removed large quantities of the product from the creek itself."

Haz mat crews are crediting fuel supplier Morgan Oil for playing an active role in the cleanup. Of course, it will be up to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality whether or not the company will be fined for the accident. TCEQ visited the site Monday.