Restaurant Report- Angelina County

ANGELINA COUNTY (KTRE)- Restaurant report includes Angelina County eateries.

The Hole in One Restaurant and Bar received 14 demerits. They were told to clean the grease, dirt, and debris beneath the kitchen equipment. A food manager must be on site at all times, and they also needed to clean the inside of the ice machine.

The Meat Market inside Walmart received five demerits. The seafood was thawing at improper temperatures.

Crown Colony Food Mart received 8 demerits when health inspectors found they did not discard expired meds.

Congratulations to the following Dunbar Cafeteria, Garrett Elementary cafeteria, Creekside Learning Center, Pineywoods Academy, Gordon Development Center, Trout Cafeteria, Country Cottage, Brandon Elementary cafeteria and Angelina College cafeteria.