East Texas students race to learn

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Powered by breath and completely recycled, students at Garrett Primary made boats with anything from home.

Students said they made their boats with Styrofoam, wood, glitter glue, egg cartons, pencils, toothbrushes, clay, paper, and even a plastic fork.

"It just shows the creativity that the kids can put into a project," said Estela Alvarez, a teacher at Garrett Primary.

The teachers said they used the boat races to put their kids' classroom skills to the test.

The race is designed to get parents involved in their child's education by creating a boat that is all their own.

"I don't think it's mainly competition, just the whole fun of actually bringing something that belongs to them and something that was made at home and being able to show that off to the rest of their friends," said Alvarez.

However, she hopes they learned about something more than boats.

She wanted them to learn about sportsmanship, and it looks like they learned just that.  In fact, for some the best part was not even the victory.

"I liked it when we raced with our friends," student Carlaysia Coutee said.

For the Grand Champion it was being able to tell her brother the big news.

"I think he will give me a surprise,"  the champion sailor said.

Even a man of few words was able to explain the mechanics behind his boat's speed.

Hunter Jones said his boat was the champion in his class "Because it's really light."

When he grows up, he does not even want to be a sailor.   He wants to be a fireman.

The annual boat race takes place to close out the school's Movement in Mapping unit for the semester.   All the kids that participated in Friday's race won a green participation ribbon.