State of the city and county in Nacogdoches addressed by leaders

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - As Nacogdches copes with layoffs and fluctuations in manufacturing, city leaders walk a thin line when it comes to addressing economy.   "Some people are being hurt. No question about that," said mayor roger van horn.  "I mean the manufacturing had to lay off some people, but now they're starting to rehire." The mayor points to low unemployment. Under 5% is something to be proud of during a recession. Yet the fact the city does not have a large tax base remains his biggest concern. "You can't fix it in a month. It is long term. In fact we have to take it as it comes to us. We have to make it more attractive for industries to come," said Van Horn.

Nacogdoches County leaders have similar concerns. Judge Joe English is expecting a tight budget with the loss of oil and gas revenue. " $Six-million of the county budget is on gas revenues and as we all know when gas prices go down than they cut production and that's what's happening in Nacogdoches County," said English. English cites collaboration as a key to funding needed projects. One example, is how the city and county is sharing communication costs for law enforcement.  "That was an $800,000 software package. There's now way nacogdoches county would have ever been able to afford that package, computer program, but we did it because of a partnership," said English.

Partnerships also occurred during the hurricanes. It continues. The city and county will work together in establishing an evacuation center. As the leader's message implied, during good and rough times it's important to stick together.