Freedom Fighters: Melvin Sloan - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Freedom Fighters: Melvin Sloan

By Joan Hallmark

Melvin Sloan landed on the island of Leyte in October of 1944. The third day of fighting, he became the victim of a Japanese bullet. It would seem that World War Two would be over for Sloan, but after only 58 days of recovery, he rejoined his company just in time for the invasion of Menendow. Many of Sloan's buddies were killed in the fighting, but Sloan says he"was lucky."

It's been sixty-five years since Sloan first fought for his country. It's something he doesn't talk about much because "the memories are too painful." But it's also a time in his life where he feels a great deal of pride in his service.

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