A gift of prolonged life

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Three years ago an East Texas lawyer was diagnosed with a life threatning kidney disease called iGA nephropathy. But recently he was given a new lease on life by an unlikely, live donor. The gift was not only a blessing for the recipient, but also for those who love him the most.

At awakening of the news of a failing kidney and the need of a transplant, folks who knew Scott Skelton best couldn't believe what they we're hearing.

"It was a surprise when he found out he had this illness... you know I tried to tell him he needed to eat right and exercise, but he didn't listen to me... I'm kidding, but it was a surprise because he really was one of the healthiest people in our firm" says colleague, Todd Sacaw.

And after being granted the gift of prolonged life by Longview lawyer, Keith Langston...Skelton feels healthier than ever.

His wife, Sheila Skelton told KTRE, "All of the symptoms due to lack of kidney function or no kidney function are completely gone and to hear him say that or for him to write that is just amazing".

This priceless gift has been a blessing to Scott, and his loved ones.

"We not only work together every day, we sometimes play together and we have a lot of fun we enjoy being here and being together so it's important to us that we are all healthy and safe and secure and to have Scott have this problem and have the chance to overcome it is a blessing for us as well as for him" says his colleague Brent Watkins of Zeleskey Law Firm.

Since the transplant procedure Skelton has kept a daily blog. One of his entries read...

"I know a thing or two about receiving hope recently. Not only did I receive a gift of a kidney, but also hope for a better quality of life in the future.

The question is: are you giving someone hope?"