Food ministry reaches out to all families in need

by Kirby Gibbs

NACOGDOCHES, TX - Angel Food Ministries is a national organization that have helped provide food relief to families struggling financially since 1994.  But they say it's reached its highest distribution ever this month.... A 63% increase from this time a year ago. The local branch at Holly Springs Baptist Church in Nacogdoches says it's realized the growing need for food is not just from low income families these days, but those considered middle class as well.

A consumer of the food service admits, "It's not free but it's greatly reduced. The basic box is just $30.00 and that would normally cost you $60 to $80 if you bought it in a grocery store, so that's a good deal.

A deal Angel Food Ministries extends to everybody in need.

"When you hear of a program for some kind of food assistance, they're are a lot of requirements and it seems difficult to do, the quality of the product is not good so I was reluctant to this" says another consumer, Dixie Morgan.

...But not for long.

"It's really simple to do there are no requirements or anything", says Morgan. It's a good quality product at a reduced price. It's one of those types of programs that I look at as a hand up instead of a hand out, and in this economy I just think this is a fabulous program".

Angel Food Ministries says it's glad to help, but hopes that growing need will vanish soon.