Cars on roadside parking lots wait for new owners

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One East Texas man says he needs to get rid of his truck... And quick, but the economy is putting a damper on his sale.

In passing your daily route you may have noticed a slew of cars and trucks for sale, but your local car dealer didn't put these for sale signs up, it was a few local car owners.

"I'm tryna get rid of it and get into this truck so I'm not paying two truck notes. It's gonna kill me if I've gotta pay two truck notes, that's why I'm tryna get rid of it" says Cody Wilde.

Many of the car owners we spoke with say they're just not selling fast enough.

"My experiences haven't really been that great", says Cody. "I've gotten a lot of inquiries about it but no body's really got serious enough to come to me and offer me some money for it".

On one major street alone there were at least eight cars for sale by owners, but there have been little, to no buyers.

"I really think that it's cause the economy is in such a slump right now that even if they could get a loan they might not be able to pay it or maybe cause the banks are in such a bind they don't want to give money to people".

And as Cody Wilde has found out, auto dealers aren't paying much for used cars either these days.

"I tried to go see what somebody would give me on a trade in on it, but they wasn't gonna give me but like $11,000 for it".

So until he can get at least $15,000 for it, it'll be parked on the side of a busy street, near you.

According to automotive marketing research company, CNW, consumers are ready to start buying again, slowly, but surely.