Home security inspections can cut crime and costs

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Spending a few bucks now to upgrade your door and window locks can shrink the cost of home owners insurance in the long run. "Everybody's trying to cut corners now days with the economy and a 15% discount could really help out," said Lisa McGowan, State Farm Office Representative.

The free home security inspection cuts crime and eases your mind. "What you stand to lose in your home would cost a lot more than just replacing your locks and putting a secondary lock on your windows," said Lieutenant David Young, licensed home inspector for Lufkin Police Department.

Lt. Young said it would cost around $50-$100 to upgrade deadbolt locks and $2-$3 to add secondary locks to windows. He said spending a little money to beef-up your home security can make a criminal's job more difficult.

"A criminal will think, 'this one (burglary) looks too complicated, looks too hard to get away with," said Lt. Young. "Let me go find another one that's easier, somebody that didn't do their homework."

A lot of time during break-ins, burglars will actually take sliding glass doors off the track off the track. That's why it's a good idea to go the extra mile and get a secondary lock. "You can get a secondary locking device at virtually any home improvement store," said Lt. Young.

Having secondary locks on all windows and doors make all the difference between an attempted break-in and an actual break-in. "You can't make your home burglar proof, but you can make it burglar resistant and if you make your target too hard the burglar will just go look somewhere else,"said Lt. Young.

It's a valuable plan to keep burglars out and your insurance costs down.