Counterfeit money on the rise in East Texas

LUFKIN, TX - Local police have always seen counterfeit cash floating around, but lately there's been a flood of funny money.  A recent investigation pin-pointed the source of the bogus bucks... The home of Brady Ivy.

"We went out there and ran a search warrant on his house and when we got out there he had $11,800 worth of money at various stages and some of them you can tell where he tried to copy the money and it didn't do right and it was wadded up", says Sheriff Hensen of the Angelina Sheriff's Department.

Most of the money looks like the real deal, easily fooling unsuspecting people and businesses.

Sheriff Hensen told KTRE it's unfortunate because "If a bank gets it, they're stuck with it, if a store gets it they're stuck with it, if you get it or I get it we're stuck with it. Everybody that gets stuck with counterfeit money, you're stuck with it. It's not worth anything".

You don't have to get stuck with worthless money. You can buy a special marker that will produce a black mark if the bill is fake; or you can hold it up to the light, revealing the security strip that reads "USA".

"Of course when times get harder, hard times like this, you're going to see people start doing stuff like this. That's going to contribute to a lot of it. A lot of times they're just lazy and don't want to work." says Hensen.  "I mean they need to get out and get them a job and work and make an honest dollar".

An honest dollar will have honest markings, so you won't get stuck with money that isn't worth that paper it's printed on.