Corrigan teacher files assault charges on student

By Holley Nees - bio | email

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Trea Williams said she brought allegations of impropriety against a coach at Corrigan-Camden Junior High back in September, and now that coach has filed charges against her 12-year-old daughter who is a student there.   She thinks it is all an act of retaliation.

"I teach my children all the time to treat people how you want to be treated," Trea Williams said.

Williams said she just wants the Corrigan-Camden Independent School District to do the same.

Williams met at the Junior High where they gave her daughter 30 days at the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program in Livingston.

The disciplinary action comes after a coach, James Ferguson, filed an assault charge against Williams' daughter.   Williams said the coach claims her daughter pushed him against the wall.

"She's not a violent child and 30 days in AEP is not the punishment that she needs for this especially when she did not assault Coach Ferguson," Williams said.

Williams claims since her first complaint against the coach, the relationship between the coach and her daughter has become adversarial.

"He did terroristic threats against my daughter saying that he would grab her around the neck and choke her and drag her out of the gym," she said.

Williams went to the Corrigan Chief of Police to file her own assault charge against Ferguson, but she said the Chief would not accept her complaint.   Chief Mike Ferrar told KTRE it is not common for them to accept charges on a complaintant because it is considered retaliation.   He said Williams and her daughter will have their day in court.

However, for Williams that is not soon enough.

"I know there's something going on inside that schoolhouse that they don't want out in the public," she said.

However, Williams said the hardest part is "...seeing her being hurt for something she didn't do."

"This is going to be long-term for her.  This is not just short-term," Williams said.

She said the experience is a life lesson she hopes her daughter can learn from.

Williams said other than a few minor things, such as using her cell phone at school and violating dress code, her daughter is a good girl.

The Police Chief said because it is an ongoing investigation with a minor involved he cannot comment on the class C misdemeanor.   The East Texas News contacted the school and they said there had been an investigation in the fall on Coach James Ferguson. However, they found nothing to substantiate the allegations.   The schoool said this incident is a disciplinary problem and they said to protect their students they could not discuss the case, but they gave us the following statement:

"The Corrigan-Camden Independent School District has an obligation to protect the privacy of its students and their families.  The district, its administration, and its staff take this responsibility very seriously.  In order to protect the privacy of its students, district personnel cannot discuss matters related to individual students at Corrigan-Camden Independent School District."