Economic recession helps some businesses

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Rene Ramirez helps people get their cars back in gear.

However lately, he has been helping a lot more customers who have been down-shifting from new to used.

"They are buying parts for a car they just bought for like four or five hundred dollars," said AutoZone Assistant Store Manager Rene Ramirez.

AutoZone said the economic recession has only made car parts fly off the shelves.

Ramirez said many of his customers would rather fix up than pay up and he thinks it is a good idea.

"I've always believed, I mean if it's paid for, why get deeper in debt," Ramirez said.

His customers agree.

"It's cheaper, I do the work myself so it saves on money," said AutoZone customer Joey Dickerson.

Fredrick Lewis, another customer at AutoZone said, "I'd rather fix up my old vehicle because with the economy like it is, you know, it's cheaper."

Lewis said he will piece his car together for another year and if the economic outlook is better he will buy a new car.   While others just do it for the thrill of the ride.

AutoZone customer Wayne Hardy said, "I have a '58 MG and a '78 MG that we brought back from the dead."

"You can actually work on the old ones, you can't work on the new ones as much," Hardy said.

Ramirez said he thinks people are just putting their money where their ride is.