Destination Imagination puts children's creativity to the test

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Students at St. Cyprian's School in Lufkin turned their gymnasium into an imagination station Thursday afternoon. Destination Imagination participants performed their skits in front of parents, classmates and teachers. The students went to Mesquite last weekend to compete in the Destination Imagination competition.

"Hiss!" said Maddie Zimmerman, St. Cyrprian 2nd grader. She played the role of a King Cobra snake in her Destination Imagination skit. She said she had to learn all about her character. "I had to do lots of scenes to show how it (a King Cobra) communicates with each other," said Zimmerman.

D.I. challenges children to be creative and think on their feet. "It teaches them how to solve a problem without somebody else telling them how to do it. The favorite quote I guess it 'to think outside the box'," said Dr. George Thannisch, Destination Imagination founder.

Their hard work paid off. The group of 2nd graders are preparing to compete in Houston at the state level about a month from now. "I'm happy to say that I really think it's impressive that seven teams finished in the medals, that means 1st, 2nd and 3rd place," said Dr. Thannisch.

Parents, classmates and teachers eyes were glued to the stage as each group performed the creative skit. The audience lit-up with laughter during many of the plays.

Many of the parents also coach the different groups competing in D.I. Dr. Thannisch said parents are the driving force behind the program's success. "The coaches are like go, go, go and it was just so fun," said Paxton Ford, 2nd grader.

If teams do well at the state competition, the next and final step of the year is the Globals competition. Go here for more information about Destination Imagination.