American Idol's Top "13" revealed

Michael Sarver of Jasper still in the running to become the next American Idol
Michael Sarver of Jasper still in the running to become the next American Idol

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The stage is set and now we know who the Top 13 finalists are for Season 8 of American Idol.  East Texan Michael Sarver of Jasper is in that number.

Thursday night the show revealed a surprise "Wild Card Round" twist in which the judges not only selected the final three members of the season's Top 12 but also added a thirteenth contestant to the finals.

Fox has already previously announced that the American Idol season finale will take place on Wednesday, May 20, the show's Top 13 twist would seem to signal that another twist -- either a double elimination week or the show's first-ever Final 3 finale, presumably -- will likely be coming down the road.

The first finals performance show will air on Tuesday, March 10 and feature performances from all thirteen of the season's finalists -- Murray, Corkrey, Giraud, Desai, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarvar, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre and Jorge Nunez.

Kendall Beard of Lufkin made the Top 36 A-I list, but was eliminated after Wednesday performance.

Here is the transcript of a telephone interview with the next three constestants to move to the next round:


Chloe Ellers

Lil Rounds

Scott MacIntyre

Jorge Nunez


Moderator                  Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the American Idol Interview Call with Lil Rounds.  Due to the large volume of callers, we ask that you please limit yourself to one question and one followup.  You may then re-queue and additional questions will be taken as time permits.  I'd also like to remind you today's conference is being recorded.  I'll now turn the conference over to Chloe Ellers for opening remarks.

C. Ellers                      Hello everyone.  Thank you so much for joining us on the call today with Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and Jorge Nunez.  We just want to remind everyone that the idols are here to talk about their experience on the show and if we feel like anyone is harping on a question too much we reserve the right to move on.  With that being said, we will take the first question for Lil.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Mike Hughes with TV America.  Go ahead.

M. Hughes                  Lil, you and Alexis Grace both come from Memphis, but she did a lot of performing and going to clubs and stuff.  Is it right that you kind of stayed out of the Blues clubs in Memphis and just sung at churches and so on?

L. Rounds                   Yes, that's actually true.  Most of what I do - I came right out of church.  I grew up in church, so the most that I've ever done really has been going to different concerts or just pretty much singing at my church.  You know that's pretty much where I was.

M. Hughes                  Okay and the end - a simple question - is a Lil like short for little or Lil like short for Lillian?

L. Rounds                   Lil is actually short for my grandmother's name.  That's my name.  You know it's not really short for anything or nothing like that.

M. Hughes                  Cool.  Yes, I didn't know if it was like Lil Kim or something like that.

L. Rounds                   Oh, no, no, no, no.  No, it was nothing like that.  That's my birth name - Lil.

M. Hughes                  Outstanding, thank you a lot.

L. Rounds                   Alright, You're welcome.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Next we have Joey Guerra with the Houston Chronicle.

J. Guerra                     Hello.  How are you?

L. Rounds                   Hello.  How are you?

J. Guerra                     Good.  Congratulations first and foremost.

L. Rounds                   Thank you so much.  I appreciate that.

J. Guerra                     Yes, very excited, but not surprised.  What were your feelings going into - I guess going into last night?  I mean did you feel pretty secure with your performance and what were your thoughts right before they announced that you had been pushed through to the Top 12?

L. Rounds                   The whole day yesterday - you know I really was really nervous.  I felt like I did really well.  You know I put my best foot forward, so I didn't have any regrets.  But I liked the fact that the judges did give me some really positive feedback.  But you know in the end, it's still up to America.

So, yes, I was really nervous and up to the point - you know Ryan went ahead and got me out of the way - thank God.  But when he told me you know to stand up, I was still a nervous wreck.  And then when he said, "Congratulations," I was jumping for joy.

J. Guerra                     Yes.

L. Rounds                   So I was really nervous, though, because you don't know exactly what America wants until he reveals the results.  So it was great, though - great news!

J. Guerra                     Yes and my follow-up - I guess the one thing that I think was maybe negative in terms of what the judges said was Simon calling you a little bit of a copycat in terms of the performance.  Having said that, what do you think you need to do in order to establish yourself as your own artist in the coming weeks?  I mean like what type of Lil Rounds are we going to see in the next few weeks?

L. Rounds                   Well as far as you know what Simon said about the song that I did, basically I don't really look at it as being a copycat because the way I sing and the way Mary J. Blige sings - you know I think it's different because she has her way of singing and I have mine.  But in the weeks to come, I feel like I'm going to continue to entertain.

And one thing that Kara said was that I've remained Lil from the beginning and I'm going to continue you know to remain Lil, but I'm going to give you guys something to look forward to.  You know Lil's a performer as well, so I'll give you something to sing every week.  So I think you're going to enjoy it, though.

J. Guerra                     Awesome - really looking forward to it.

L. Rounds                   Alright, thank you.

J. Guerra                     Good-bye.

L. Rounds                   Good-bye.

Moderator                   Thank you and next we have Rodney Ho with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

R. Ho                           Hello.

L. Rounds                   Hello.

R. Ho                           Hello.  I was wondering - did you feel any pressure being the last singer on Tuesday because I know they tend to put people who they really like at the end?

L. Rounds                   Yes, I felt extreme - well not so much pressure you know, it was more so nerves.  But it was just knowing that all these great singers had to go before me you know and I just had to really calm myself because when it was my turn to sing I was so jittery and nervous, I just had to take a couple of breaths and I just had to go ahead and let it out you know and just hope for the best.  I put my best foot forward and you know songs to the best of my ability and I think it paid off.  So you know I'm happy in the end.

R. Ho                           And how about your kids?  Are they going to be able see you live sometimes - at least come by a few times?

L. Rounds                   Yes, I want to get my babies out here, you know.  I'm just waiting on the opportunity to really get them out here and let them enjoy themselves.

R. Ho                           Thank you.  Good luck.

L. Rounds                   Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We have Darla Atlas with the Dallas Morning News. 

D. Atlas                       Hello, Lil.  Congratulations!

L. Rounds                   Hello.  Thank you.

D. Atlas                       Well I'm a native Memphian, so I have to ask you a Memphis question.  Would you say that just the fact that you and Alexis are both from the same city - has it created any bonds between you guys would you say?

L. Rounds                   Me and Alexis you know as soon as we saw each other we were already you know talking to one another and getting to know each other.  And it just made it all the better you know that we were both Memphians.  So she says she's a great girl you know and we just kind of clicked.  So, yes, we bagged it right away.

D. Atlas                       Right, okay.  And now what about just your kids or your husband around town, do they - what kind of comments have they gotten?  Any funny little stories about just you know the fact that you just burst on the scene like this?

L. Rounds                   My husband, right after they showed my audition, he started getting noticed a lot.  And he said he had different people coming to him and they're like oh my, we saw your wife - we absolutely love her you know.  And the children, they talk about how beautiful they are.  And the babies are just excited.  They call me American Idol Mama.

D. Atlas                       Yes.  Great.

L. Rounds                   You know just the cutest things.  So we're all happy about it.

D. Atlas                       Yes, well great.  Congratulations!

L. Rounds                   Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go next to Leigh Grogan with the Sacramento Bee. 

L. Grogan                    Hello, Lil.  Congratulations!

L. Rounds                   Hello.  Thank you.

L. Grogan                    I'm just curious with nine of you already selected and the different process this year and right now there are three women and six gentlemen, how do you feel about the ratio because the three women who are in there are all very, very strong?

L. Rounds                   Well you know I pretty much - I don't want to just boggle myself down with the ratio of it.  I just feel like I have to go out there and always continue to you know put my best foot forward.  And you know stay positive and go out there you know and do what I know how to do best.  And that's singing and performance and as long as we keep that you know in our minds to go out there and sing and enjoy ourselves like it's our last time, I think we're all going to do great.

L. Grogan                    And one follow-up question, is there any - if they do do mentors or anything like that or themes, is there any mentor or theme that you would really look forward to participating in?

L. Rounds                   A mentor thing?  As far as a mentor, who I really would want to come would have to be Stevie Wonder.  I mean I would just love to see him out there and have him to either give me a couple of pointers if he wouldn't mind.  I find him to be a really inspirational and inspiring man.

L. Grogan                    Well thank you so much and we look forward to more Lil Rounds.

L. Rounds                   Alright.  Thank you so much.

L. Grogan                    Okay.

L. Rounds                   Alright.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Next we have Colleen Joyce with

C. Joyce                      Hello.  How are you doing today?

L. Rounds                   I'm doing good.  How are you?

C. Joyce                      Good.  Can you kind of take us through the process of picking the song each week and you know how you ended up picking your song for this week?

L. Rounds                   When it comes to song choice, you know you might hear Simon and them say a lot you know why did you pick this song or things like that.  Me, personally, I have to go with songs that I can relate to you know.  I really don't go with things that I feel you know this beat sounds cute or things like that.  I have to go with the meaning of the song because you know I like to go out there and give my all.

And if I'm able to relate to it and I'm having you know - I feel like I'm singing this one by heart, then you all would feel it.  And what comes from the heart, reaches the heart.  So "Be Without You" - I chose that song because it really does remind me of my husband and you know I think about my children and my family.

And you know I just feel like people can relate to the fact that when you have close ones to you - loved ones - you know you'd think about how special they are to you.  You don't want to be without them.  So I felt like you know that would be a really, really good song for everybody to relate to and it's a song that I felt came from my heart to my family.

L. Grogan                    That's great.  Thank you very much.  Good luck.

L. Rounds                   Alright, thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you and next is Patricia Buckley with

P. Buckley                  Hello there, Lil.

L. Rounds                   Hello.  How are you?

P. Buckley                  Hello.  What prompted you to audition for American Idol?

L. Rounds                   I had been you know seeing American Idol go by for a few years and a couple of those years you know I was with child.  But this year I just felt like it was time.  You know it was really a spur of the moment thing.  By the time I even looked on Internet to see what was going on with American Idol, I actually thought the auditions were over.

And I looked at it and I thought you know that the closest city to me was Kansas at the time.  And I went ahead and I just got up.  You know I told my husband I wanted to go.  He told me he was with me and we just got up and went.  I just felt like it was the time for me to come.

P. Buckley                  Right.  And so had never tried out before?

L. Rounds                   No, that was my first time.  This is my first time.

P. Buckley                  Well, congratulations.

L. Rounds                   Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Our next question is from Kaitlyn King with the Associated Press. 

K. King                       Hello, Lil.

L. Rounds                   Hello.

K. King                       Congratulations!

L. Rounds                   Oh, thank you so much.

K. King                       You said that you got really nervous before your performance on Tuesday, but you came out like Randy Jackson said with your swagger on.  So what are some of the things you did to calm yourself down and prepare to perform?

L. Rounds                   I mean really the nerves don't totally leave me until I open my mouth and you know let out a line or so.  So after about the first line or so, I had completely just took my mind off the fact you know that there were 20 million people or so watching you know.  And I just said I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to sing like it's my last time and I'm going to enjoy myself.  And that's what I did and it paid off.

K. King                       It certainly did.  You said your kids call you American Idol Mama, but do they actually know what it means for you to be in the Top 12 on Idol?

L. Rounds                   I'm not sure if they totally you know have let it just sunk in because it's still sinking in for me.  But they are really excited about you know what's going on.  They understand that Mommy's doing something special you know for the family and I'm following my dream of singing.  And they're my inspiration because they look at me and they tell me all the time or they talk to me on the phone and they tell me - I'm proud of you and I'm happy you went to American Idol.  And you know they really support me and they're happy about it, so it makes me all the more excited about it.

K. King                       Cool.  Well, good luck.

L. Rounds                   Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Next, we have Angela DeGregorio with Life & Style Weekly. 

A. DeGregorio            Hello.  How are you?

L. Rounds                   I'm doing good.  How are you?

A. DeGregorio            Good.  I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on the rumors that are going around that Randy has been playing favorites?  Heard of any-

L. Rounds                   No, I really hadn't even heard of anything like that.  I mean I just feel like when the judges give their thoughts and their opinions you know I feel like he's coming from the heart.  They're professionals; they've been doing this for years and I feel like they know what they're talking about.  So, no, I hadn't really heard a rumor like that.

A. DeGregorio            Okay and who were you surprised didn't become one of the wildcards?

L. Rounds                   I really feel like they have given us a great chance with everybody making the Top 36.  You know we all got a chance to let America see us as you know who we are and where we're trying to go as an artist.  So I feel like everybody got a chance in the thing.  I don't look at it like you know I feel like this person should have got in or that person.  I just look at it like we all you know have really done something successful.  You know we all have done something to hold our heads up about and be proud of.

A. DeGregorio            Okay, great.  Thank you.

L. Rounds                   Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Mike Hughes with TV America. 

M. Hughes                  Yes, I just wanted to ask you a little more about the Memphis connection because you didn't like go to the clubs and stuff like that, but Memphis is one of the great music cities.  Is there any way that that did influence you and your style and tastes and so on?

L. Rounds                   Yes, Memphis you know they're the music capital.  But my family is really, really music oriented and I have a grandfather who actually played with B.B. King - my mom's dad.  And you know from there he just - they grew up around a lot of music and we grew up around music you know.  And being in a city like Memphis, you have a lot of places where you can go you know if you want to go with friends and - or if you want to go to a church.  You know for me it was church and I did concerts and things like that.

So, yes, it influenced as far as being able to feel like an artist - you can do whatever you feel you want to do because Memphis has all genres you know it's not just this one thing that is held down you know for it.  But they do all types of music, so I just kind of picked up what I felt in my heart as far as an artist and that was gospel R&B.

M. Hughes                  Okay, thank you.  Just to get the details, your kids are ages five and then what?

L. Rounds                   They're five, three, and two.  The three-year-old will be four in May and the two-year-old will be three in November.

M. Hughes                  Okay and you're sometimes describes as a stay-at-home-mom and sometimes as a customer service representative.  Which one are you?

L. Rounds                   Actually I was working for - like when I first got here to American Idol right after the Kansas City auditions, I actually was working.  But then I was starting to have to take off work a bit because my son, he was going through some things.  So I just went ahead and left the job.  But I'm really a stay-at-home-mom.

M. Hughes                  Cool.  Thank you a lot.

L. Rounds                   Yes, thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Monica Sotomayor with FlashNews. 

M. Sotomayor             Hello, Lil.  Congratulations!

L. Rounds                   Hello.  Thank you so much.

M. Sotomayor             So I wanted to ask you - you were mentioning how your family is pretty musical, do your kids or your husband sing?  Like are we ever going to see a Rounds family band or anything like that?

L. Rounds                   Oh, you'll have to keep looking.  That might come about.  My five-year-old, she's actually singing - all of them really sing.  The babies just enjoy music and my husband he's a writer.  I don't let him you know go too far with the singing, but he can really write.

And I think that we're going to be a really, really good combination.  So just keep looking out.  We might have something that will come up.

M. Sotomayor             Exactly.  Now let me ask you about your bond with Simon.  I mean he seems to really like you.  He called you brilliant.  How do you think that you got on his good side and how are you going to remain on his good side?

L. Rounds                   Oh with Simon, I felt like he's an honest person and I think so far I've been thank him since then as far as going out there and putting my best foot forward you know and singing you know with heart and with feeling.  And like I said, I mean what comes from the heart reaches the heart and Simon Cowell has a heart.

So I mean I feel like as long as I continue you know to keep going out there and doing my best, he'll continue to hopefully tell me good job.  But if a day comes or he's like, Lil, that wasn't too hot.   You know I'll understand you know he's going to give his opinion regardless so-.

M. Sotomayor             Right.  Well, I wish you the best of luck, Lil.

L. Rounds                   Thank you so much.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Judy Rosen with UPI. 

J. Rosen                      Hello.  Congratulations!

L. Rounds                   Hello.  Thank you.

J. Rosen                      I was wondering if you get a chance after the show either on TBO or DVR to actually see your performance and what it looked like?  And if so, what went through your mind when you watched yourself on that stage?

L. Rounds                   I saw myself probably - I want to say like one time and that was - I saw Tuesday's show.  I didn't get to see last night's show, but the whole time - you know I'm like really my biggest critic.  So when I'm like singing, I'm going, Lil, make sure you hit that note.  Lil, make sure you hit that note.  Lil, you know make sure you smile.

You know the whole time, although it's already happened, I'm just in my mind - your mind is going like I hope this looks great.  But it paid off.  I thought that I did pretty well.

J. Rosen                      I think you did, too.  I just had one more question for you and what goes into picking out the outfit that you're going to wear and how much say do you have and do they help you?  Is there a wardrobe you pick from?  How does that work?

L. Rounds                   Really they tell you to be yourself you know.  And me personally I've always been the girly girl as they say.  I've always wanted to wear the heels and skirt or if I wore jeans I had heels on you know with a nice shirt to dress it up you know.

So I pretty much have always done that and it hasn't been any different for me you know.  It was just if I see something that catches my eye, I'll grab it and I wear it.  But as far as them helping us out and everything, they pretty much tell us you know what you feel you like you go with it you know.  So it's been great, though, the whole time.

J. Rosen                     Thank you, Lil.  You're already a winner in my book.

L. Rounds                   Oh, thank you so much.

Moderator                   Thank you and I apologize, but we are out of time for this interview.  Lil, do you have any closing remarks?

L. Rounds                   I just want to tell everybody thank you so much for your support.  Thank you, America, and I love you guys and hopefully I'll be around for as Paula said - many more Lil Rounds.

Moderator                   Okay, thank you.  And ladies and gentlemen, if you'll just hold the line you'll be back on a music hold until we get Scott MacIntyre on the line.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for holding.  We have Scott MacIntyre on for the American Idol interview.

S. MacIntyre               Hello, everyone.

Moderator                   Again, we ask you to limit yourself to one question and one follow-up.  You may then re-queue and additional questions will be taken as time permits.  And we will go for our first question to Ingrid Schaeffer with Us Weekly. 

I. Schaeffer                 Hello.  Scott, how are you?

S. MacIntyre               Good.  How are you doing?

I. Schaeffer                 Well, congratulations.  How does it feel?

S. MacIntyre               It feels amazing.  It's still sinking in you know.

I. Schaeffer                 Yes.  I mean so how unreal was it to be up there last night?

S. MacIntyre               It was - I was having the time of my life you know.  What means the most to me is just today I'm realizing more and more what happened yesterday, but to know that that many people in America support me and believe in me - it's just a dream come true.  You know and I'm not going to take it lightly.  I'm going to try to come back each week and give the best performance as I possibly can.

I. Schaeffer                 Awesome.  One more - who told you about Ryan's high five faux pas and whose idea was it for you to get back at him and joke at him?

S. MacIntyre               Well, I didn't intend to get back at him, but he - that's happened to me my whole life if I can just start out by commenting on this.

I. Schaeffer                 Okay.

S. MacIntyre               Because everyone may be wondering about this anyways, but you know it's I'm the last person that would ever be offended by that.  And I thought it was so funny because that's happened to me my whole life and people try to wave to me and I don't see it.

I. Schaeffer                 Right.

S. MacIntyre               Or they try to high five me or they try to you know give me a - I had one guy try to give me a fist pound one time back in AZ and he tried for like five minutes - it was in a loud place - before I - you know not five minutes, but before I realized what he was doing.

I. Schaeffer                 Yes.

S. MacIntyre               And you know I love Ryan.  He's an awesome guy and he actually did the right thing and he grabbed my hand and he did it again you know.

I. Schaeffer                 Yes.

S. MacIntyre               And so I thought everyone would be wondering about it so I just had to return the favor.

I. Schaeffer                 That's awesome.  Well, thank you so much, Scott.  Congratulations!

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much.  It's a pleasure to speak to you.

I. Schaeffer                 You, too.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We have Nadine Rajabi with TVgasm.

N. Rajabi                     Hello, Scott.  How is it going?

S. MacIntyre               Hello.  How are you?

N. Rajabi                     Good.  You're my favorite on the show.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much.  That means a lot.

N. Rajabi                     So - awkward.  So you're talking about how the whole - the high five and you know all that stuff.  And do you feel like you're disadvantaged weekly learning these songs because you know of your tunnel vision you know?

S. MacIntyre               I'm sorry, could you repeat that?

N. Rajabi                     Do you feel like you're disadvantaged every week learning a new song because of your tunnel vision?  And how does that affect you with your learning...

S. MacIntyre               You know I've never thought of it as a disadvantage specifically in this competition.  I mean it definitely makes it more challenging for me, but I'm so up for rising to the occasion you know as I have in every other challenge I've had to face in my life.  And you know I don't want people to look at it in that way you know.

N. Rajabi                     Sorry.

S. MacIntyre               I'm just here having a great time singing.  You know I'm just blessed that I have people here that are willing to teach me the choreography.  And on that note, you know any time you see me following the steady cam you know or whatever it is, there's several - lots of camera changes in the group song, "I Believe."  And it's all - you know they've told me you know look here and they point my arm and follow it around to the left.  So it's hit and miss sometimes, but it's going well.  And you know I'm so blessed to be here.

N. Rajabi                     That's amazing.

S. MacIntyre               You know I do what I can because it's definitely a very camera oriented show.

N. Rajabi                     Yes.  We'll you're doing amazing.  Thank you so much.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much - a pleasure to speak to you.

N. Rajabi                     You, too.

Moderator                   Thank you and next we have Rodney Ho with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

R. Ho                           Scott.

S. MacIntyre               Hello, Rodney.

R. Ho                           Hello.  They kept you mostly in a chair last night for the group sing.  Are you at all nervous about what they're going to have you do in the future?

S. MacIntyre               Not at all, not at all and they know I've actually had you know some dance in my background.  I've done some swing dancing, some salsa dancing and you know with the whole music thing rhythm is kind of - it crosses into different areas of your life.  So I'm not too worried about that.

You know they didn't show my group round in Hollywood Week, but I actually had a lot of fun.  I was with a great group of guys.  There's some good pictures of it online.  We look like a boy band.

But you know sometimes it just takes someone you know showing me the steps and as long as I know that I'm not going to fall off the stage then I'm good.  And that's a joke of course.  But I'm really good at you know keeping an awareness of my space because I've had some - a little bit of practice here and there you know performing for some churches.  So I'm very used to and comfortable with being onstage.

R. Ho                           So you expect they're going to give you more challenging choreography in the future, is that what you're saying?

S. MacIntyre               Oh, yes.  Well, that's not where I was going with that, but absolutely.  I mean they can throw whatever they want at me.  You know I'll deal with it.

R. Ho                           Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go next to Kaitlyn King with the Associated Press. 

S. MacIntyre               Hello, Kaitlyn.

K. King                       Hello, Scott.  Congratulations!

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much.

K. King                       I noticed Kendall Beard sort of helping you up just a little bit when your results were about to be announced.  Have you noticed the other contestants sort of helping you along on the things that you might struggle with, like the choreography or something like that?

S. MacIntyre               Absolutely - you know and Idol has just been great about accommodating me as well.  But where there have been opportunities for other contestants to step in, even though we're in this as a competition, I've been just so thankful for their friendship.  And they've been really great about stepping in and helping out.

You know you probably saw my brother who walked me on on Tuesday and you know so between him and the other contestants and sometimes another family member is here instead of my brother or whatever, but you know everyone has been great about helping me out in that regard.  I mean it was an honor to stand there with Kendall and receive the results because we're all kind of in the same boat, so I think there is a camaraderie thing going on there in addition to the assistance and everything.

But you know Ryan's great.  He's great.  You know he's a great person to work with.  He's great at helping me out and you know I just enjoy the friendships you know going off on a tangent from that note.  That's one of the biggest things I've taken away from this so far other than the obvious - you know the blessing of the exposure and all that.  The friendships - you know where else can you find 150 people in Hollywood Week that love music and do it so well?  It's really the most fun I've had in a long time.

K. King                       That's awesome.  It's really great to hear.  Well, we know you can sing and you just admitted to having taken dance classes in the past so-

S. MacIntyre               Oh, yes.  I'm quite the dancer.

K. King                       Do you practice your dance moves as to like how it's going to relate to the choreography?

S. MacIntyre               Absolutely.  I mean I actually - I didn't rehearse too much on my own apart from the group for the song on yesterday.  I'm losing track of the days - yesterday on Wednesday.  But you know normally if it's something more complicated and you know you're doing all this other stuff, like for instance in Hollywood Week, which again they didn't show, but it was very interesting because you're up overnight - you know you're up all night.  You're trying to you know create harmonies.  You're trying to learn words to a song you may have never sung before and you're trying to do choreography.

You know at least the Katy Perry song where it's semi familiar with as far as the lyrics, but Hollywood Week - absolutely I kept going over it in my mind.  And you know - because anything you see me do as far as spatial awareness, you know as far as hand gesturing while I'm talking - it looks natural now, but it wasn't always that way.

You know people had to tell me you know folks usually move their hands when they talk and they do this and they put them that way because I would never pick up on that visually.  So I've been blessed to have some great people who point that out to me you know.

K. King                       And do you think you're a good dancer?  I think you are, but do you think you are?

S. MacIntyre               I would agree of course.  What am I going to say?

K. King                       Okay, great.  Well, good luck.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Our next question is from Ed Masley with the Arizona Republic. 

S. MacIntyre               Hello.

E. Masley                    Hello, Scott.  How are you?

S. MacIntyre               I'm great.  How are you doing, sir?

E. Masley                    I'm doing alright.  First of all, congratulations.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much.  I'm going to try to bring it home for AZ.

E. Masley                    Everyone's really excited about that here.

S. MacIntyre               Great.  I need all the support I can get.

E. Masley                    Yes.

S. MacIntyre               Absolutely.

E. Masley                    I was wondering were you surprised at all that Simon you know criticized the lyrics to the Bruce Hornsby song?

S. MacIntyre               I was and you know I don't know if you heard me on there, but I didn't hear what he was saying at first because I heard him say something about the lyrics.  And I actually had an answer for that and it was probably good I didn't interrupt him anyways, though, because he went on to say something you know very positive.

E. Masley                    Right, yes.  He was really nice.

S. MacIntyre               But I do have an answer for that.  You know the lyrics of the Bruce Hornsby song - first of all they are great lyrics and Simon needs to get with it.  You know Bruce Hornsby is amazing and I love Simon to death.  But I chose that song as far as the lyrics go because it's the only song I know that talks about listening - you know listen to the Mandolin Rain obviously, but then listening to people's hearts break - listening to the tears roll.

You know and listening is such a big part of my world I thought it was the perfect song to start off this whole live venture.  You know not to mention it's definitely up my alley.  It's definitely a song I can be comfortable in and with you know as an artist.  And it has great melodies - you know I was able to arrange the melody in the song a little bit differently, but it really worked for that round I thought.  But I love the lyrics.  I love the lyrics.  They're very applicable to me personally.

E. Masley                    ...that's a great explanation for why you did it.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you.

E. Masley                    It's a shame they didn't say that on the show.

S. MacIntyre               Yes, well you can get the word out.

E. Masley                    Is that pretty representative of the sort of song you would be choosing in the future?

S. MacIntyre               You know we will see because there are so many different themes you know that the show goes through, but one thing I can tell you is that - well first of all I will say it's definitely representative of a small part of the music that I do write and what not because Bruce Hornsby has definitely been a major influence on my writing.  And obviously there's a lot of other aspects to my writing.  You know there's some more pop rock edge to it - Gavin DeGraw, you know Ben Folds, Mark Schultz.

E. Masley                    Oh, yes.

S. MacIntyre               Different people like that - John Mayer, but definitely some Bruce Hornsby.  But one thing I can tell you, whatever the them is of the weeks coming up - you know hopefully I go for a little bit here - I'm always going to choose something that I can make work for me.  It's going to represent you know my style in some way and I'm definitely going to try to stay current.  You know I take my song choices very seriously.

E. Masley                    Yes.  Well I hope you find a way to get a Ben Folds song in there.

S. MacIntyre               That would be awesome.  I have the perfect one, too.

E. Masley                    Really.

S. MacIntyre               I'll work on that.  I doubt we'll be doing Ben Folds week.  I don't know.  You never know.  You never know.  He does have a big catalog.

E. Masley                    He does.  Well, thank you a lot.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much - alright.

Moderator                   Thank you and next we have Andrea Dresdale with ABC News Radio.

S. MacIntyre               Hello, Andrea.

A. Dresdale                 Hello, Scott.  Congratulations!

S. MacIntyre               Thank you so much.

A. Dresdale                 I think you should do "Landed" by Ben Folds.

S. MacIntyre               There you go.  I could do that.  One of my favorite songs of his is "The Luckiest."

A. Dresdale                 That's a good one, too.

S. MacIntyre               You know, yes.

A. Dresdale                 So my question is we saw somebody you know helping you across the stage.  Are you going to have somebody - the same person with you the whole time through the competition now?  And if so, who is that person going to be?

S. MacIntyre               Are you referring to my brother?

A. Dresdale                 Yes, your brother.

S. MacIntyre               Yes, yes.  No, I will not necessarily have the same person helping me, but you know my mother was able to come out to the final judgment day at the Judges' Mansion - the Judges' Lair.  And you saw her on camera I believe there walking out with me.  So it's just you know whoever - I'm trying to spread the love around and let a few of my family members come out - you know my sister and brother and dad were in the audience the last few nights.

But you know I'm very flexible.  I also was mentioning before you know the other contestants have just been great and we all - you know not just me and them, but all of us have kind of - you know we have our friendships and then we have the competitive spirit and it's really amazing how they coexist.  But they've been great about helping me out as well.

A. Dresdale                 And in terms of - you talked before about the show being so heavily focused on cameras.  Do you worry at all about you know sort of a lot of contestants make eye contact with the camera and they really look into it.  And are you worried about that at all?  And even like looking into the camera during those Ford commercials?

S. MacIntyre          &, nbsp;    I'm not worried about it at all.  You know I think as far as commercial work and stuff that's pre-taped like that, it should be easier because they can point me in the right direction and they're going to splice it together anyways.

But it's definitely a challenge you know doing it live and like I was saying the group number you know I had to kind of guestimate and learn you know what parts of the song - as all the contestants did - where our focus was, except I couldn't see the camera we were looking at.  So it was a lot of memorizing distances and angles and I've done a lot of that over the years because I've had to work on that.  And so you know I use my memory and I use my ears and we just go from there.  We hope for the best you know.

A. Dresdale                 Alright well best of luck.  Thank you.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you and our final question will come from Rick Porter with

S. MacIntyre               Alright.

R. Porter                     Hello, Scott.

S. MacIntyre               Hello.  How are you?

R. Porter                     Good, thank you.  The judges kept talking about - it pretty much seemed like every time you were on camera on Tuesday and Wednesday about how much they wanted to see you onstage in front of a piano.

S. MacIntyre               Yes.

R. Porter                     I'm just curious, how big a deal is that to you to now be able to get to do that?

S. MacIntyre               That is the entire reason I'm here and I've said that from the very beginning.  I know a lot of the - you know they have a lot of backstage of me in Hollywood Week - you know all the real footage.  But I've let them know from the very beginning my heart in doing this and my reason musically for coming and auditioning - you know other than to share my story and touch people through music and hopefully inspire everyone who watches - I can do that best when I'm singing from a piano.

And it's not that it's a substitute or that it takes away from my vocal presentations because you really hurt yourself if you end up hiding behind an instrument on this show.  But it's another layer of how I can exteriorize my emotions and my - just everything that I'm feeling.  I can really emote when I'm sitting at the piano because my fingers just do their own thing.  And then you know I'm telling the story and it's just where I write music.  It's where all my magical moments happen musically.

And so next week I am so excited to finally be able to start showing America bits and pieces of who I really am because a few clips have been seen of me at a keyboard here and there during Hollywood Week, but it's only the tip of the iceberg and there's so much more I want to share.  And it means everything to me to be in the Top 12, but especially to be coming back you know hopefully with a grand piano.  So keep a lookout for that.

R. Porter                     Okay, thank you a lot.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you.

Moderator                   Okay, thank you.  Then, Scott, do you have any closing remarks?

S. MacIntyre               I just want to thank all of you for your support.  You know any time you can pass on from me my gratitude just to devoting public - I mean that sincerely - I'm grateful for everyone who put me here.  It's an amazing opportunity.

I'm not going to take it for granted and you know the show really gives me an amazing platform to share my story and my story through music.  And so that will be on my mind constantly and I hope I can impress you guys each week.  It's really a blessing to be here.

Moderator                   Okay, thank you then.  Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude this interview.  You'll be back on music hold while we get Jorge Nunez to the phone.

S. MacIntyre               Thank you, everyone.

Moderator                   Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for holding and welcome back to the American Idol Interview call with Jorge Nunez.  Limit yourself, please, to one question and one followup and additional questions will be taken as time permits.  Our first question will come from the line of Patricia Buckley with

P. Buckley                  Hello, Jorge.

J. Nunez                      Hello.

P. Buckley                  I'm wondering what kind of musical background you have had before American Idol.

J. Nunez                      Well before American Idol I usually did choirs and small groups, but nothing big.  I mean this is like the biggest thing that I've ever done and like the only big thing that I've ever done with music because I've never gotten the opportunity to be you know a record label or anything like that.  So this is like the biggest thing I've ever done.

P. Buckley                  Why did you try out for American Idol?

J. Nunez                      I tried out for American Idol because I mean I've always wanted to try out.  And since they came to Puerto Rico this time I was like why not.  And also my great-grandfather he passed away a year ago now and he wanted me to audition.  So like six months after he passed away, they announced that they were going to Puerto Rico.  So I figured I should go.

P. Buckley                  Well, congratulations.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Next we have Darla Atlas with the Dallas Morning News.  Darla, your line is open.  Okay, we'll move on to Joey Guerra with the Houston Chronicle. 

J. Guerra                     Hello, Jorge.  How are you?

J. Nunez                      I'm doing fine.  How are you?

J. Guerra                     Good.  Congratulations!  I'm really glad that you made it through.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

J. Guerra                     Tell me a little bit about what kind of musical style or personal style you want to show to the fans and to the judges in the weeks to come.

J. Nunez                      Well, I'd just like to make beautiful music.  I like to let people relate to what I sing, so basically it's going to be beautiful songs that can actually get to people's hearts.  I mean I'm more of a pop artist right now, so I already have a softer side.  That's what I'm looking for.

J. Guerra                     And I know when you were up there you know there was the talk about that you had sort of been working with your accent.  And then Simon said well I think you should keep the accent.  Did that - I mean was that like frustrating or did it confuse you because it sort of was this back and forth?

J. Nunez                      No, actually when they told me to change my accent - what they wanted me to change was my accent when singing.  And I do understand because I mean because I mean it's distracting.  But if anything, it just helped me a little more relieved because that's me.  That's something that even if I try I mean I'm already 21 years old.  That's not something that I'm going to be able to change.  So it's great.

J. Guerra                     Awesome.  Jorge, I hope you do really well.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go next to Colleen Joyce with

C. Joyce                      Hello.  How are you doing today?

J. Nunez                      I'm doing fine.  How are you doing?

C. Joyce                      Good.  Can you talk about the evolution of your performances since Hollywood Week?

J. Nunez                      Well, yes.  That's a good question.  The first performance to me was my best during the whole week.  I did John Secada's "Angel" and to me it was the best performance.  I got great comments from the judges.  The group performance, however, didn't went as great.  We were a mess.  We were horrible - not vocally at least, but choreography and the rest of the number was like you know a total mess.  But luckily when I sang "Closer" for the third round I redeemed myself.  The judges seemed to like it because I mean they put me through to the Top 36 and here I am now.

C. Joyce                      Alright, wonderful.  Well good luck.  Thank you very much.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Next we have Monica Sotomayor with FlashNews. 

M. Sotomayor             Hello, Jorge.

J. Nunez                      Hello.

M. Sotomayor             Congratulations!  You were so good the other night.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

M. Sotomayor             So I wanted to ask you - I love how you bring in your Spanish and you're not ashamed of it and you talk in Spanish on the TV show and everything.  Are you going to be singing any songs in Spanish do you think?

J. Nunez                      Actually I was hoping to get to a part of the show because I mean there's a lot of songs that are really known here in the United States that have been translated to Spanish.  For example, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has a version in Spanish and "Killing Me Softly" also has a version in Spanish.  So I mean songs like that that are really popular I would like to integrate a few verses in Spanish so I could show how my voice sounds in Spanish more because I mean I think that my voice sounds best when I'm singing Spanish.

M. Sotomayor             Yes, you can focus more.

J. Nunez                      Yes, so it would be nice if I could get to do a song where I could integrate a few verses in Spanish.  That would be nice.

M. Sotomayor             Okay and then are you hoping you know - every time you perform it's kind of like a language lesson for America.  They'll get to learn a little Spanish themselves every time you're on.

J. Nunez                      Yes, sure.  We Puerto Ricans we have a lot of words that we took from English and turned it into Spanish.  For example, you know the character from Disney, Goofy, well if something is cool in Puerto Rico we say that it's Goofseal.  So it's fun because I mean our Spanish is very different.

M. Sotomayor             Okay, perfect.  Well best of luck to you, Jorge.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  Next we have Monica Hererra with Latina. 

J. Nunez                      Great.

M. Hererra                  Hello, Jorge.  How are you?

J. Nunez                      Oh, thank you.  I just want to get back to the question about the diction coach.  A lot of our readers of Latina were struck by the news that you're working with one.  Why did you decide to take the judges advice to do that and do you feel conflicted about it at all?

J. Nunez                      Well I decided to take the judges advice about my accent when singing because you know it's kind of distracting.  And when I auditioned in Puerto Rico it was definitely stronger.  But what I wanted to do was you know like follow their advice to let them know that I listen to what they say and I take any advice I get.

You know you never can get enough advice, so it was - I just did it to please them, but now I feel kind of relieved because you know I can actually feel more comfortable on the stage now that Simon himself said that he wants me to keep my accent.  So that's cool.

M. Hererra                  Alright, cool.  And Carolina, which is where you're from, it's a lot more known for...

J. Nunez                      No, I'm not from Carolina.

M. Hererra                  Oh, you're not.  Where are you from?

J. Nunez                      It's Cidra.

M. Hererra                  Okay, alright.  Is this your first time on the mainland?

J. Nunez                      On the mainland-

M. Hererra                  In the U.S.

J. Nunez                      No, not my first time here.  I've been here before.

M. Hererra                  Okay, well aside from the fact that you said it's freezing over here, what are some of the cultural differences that you've noticed since your family has come to Hollywood from Puerto Rico?

J. Nunez                      People from Puerto Rico - we're just I would say innocent people because I know we are too hospitable.  I mean we're very warm and it doesn't matter whoever the person is, we're like so happy to have them with us.  Here it's such a big city, which I'm not used to and I mean the atmosphere is different.  It's interesting you know.  People are not as warm as you would think, but still they're cool.

M. Hererra                  Okay.  Well thank you so much, Jorge.  Thank you.

J. Nunez                      Gracias.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Mike Hughes with TV America. 

M. Hughes                  Hello.  Just a couple basics here.  First of all, you're 21, is that right?

J. Nunez                      Yes.

M. Hughes                  And what are you majoring in in college and what are you hoping to do for a living?

J. Nunez                      I'm majoring comparative literature.  I was supposed to finish this year, but since I'm here then I guess that's not going to happen any time soon.  But before this I wanted to be a lawyer.  I wanted to study international law, so basically that's what's my aim at life at the moment.  But now I'm really trying to focus more on music now that I have this chance.

M. Hughes                  Cool.  And briefly, your family - is there like a lawyer in your family or what are your mother and dad?

J. Nunez                      No, there's no lawyers in my family.  There's doctors and there's - how do you say that - I know there's people who make drawings of buildings.

M. Hughes                  Architects.

J. Nunez                      And that thing, but no lawyers.

M. Hughes                  Okay and what do your mother and father do for a living?

J. Nunez                      What?

M. Hughes                  What do your mother and father-

J. Nunez                      My mom actually she doesn't work because she had an accident when she was younger and she has things on her bones.  So she's not supposed to do much for it.  She's okay, though.  She's not - but no, she doesn't work.  She receives a - she doesn't work.  My dad, he works at a telephone company.

M. Hughes                  Thank you a lot.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We have Rodney Ho with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

R. Ho                           Hello.  Why did you pick "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"?  Was that...for you?

J. Nunez                      Well, I picked that song because that song actually was perfect for the show.  You know I just got here, so not now you know.  Don't let it go down now.  But actually I picked it because I mean I love Elton John music and he's such a good composer.  I mean his songs manage to combine all the elements into one.  I mean you can never - it's amazing.  I mean it's a beautiful song and it always made me cry, so I figured it would be amazing.

R. Ho                           Do you cry as easily as Tatiana?

J. Nunez                      Well, that is something that I don't think I need to answer that.

R. Ho                           That's understandable.  Do you bond with her?  Are you friends with Tatiana?

J. Nunez                      Yes, she's a great girl.  She's a great girl.

R. Ho                           Right.  Well, thank you so much.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We have Anna Lopez with El Nuevo Dia. 

A. Lopez                     Hola, Jorge - Puerto Rico.

J. Nunez                      Great.  Finally, someone from Puerto Rico who speaks English.

A. Lopez                     Como estas?

J. Nunez                      I'm doing fine.

A. Lopez                     Jorge, we know this is your personal dream, but now you are Puerto Rico in that competition.  How pressure is that for you?

J. Nunez                      How much pressure?

A. Lopez                     Yes.

J. Nunez                      I would say that a lot you know being like the last Puerto Rican in the competition as I go, here I am the only person from Puerto Rico who made it this far.  And apparently I'm going farther now, so well is there pressure?  Yes, it's a lot of pride, too.  I feel really happy to be representing my country and you know showing the talent that we have to offer.

A. Lopez                     Okay.  Jorge, are you always this emotional?  You know you were crying on the TV.

J. Nunez                      You know I would say that I'm an artist, so I would say that yes I'm an emotional person.  But the reason that I cried was because they told me that I was born to sing.  I mean that's my dream, so for someone to tell you - you know what this is what you need to do for a living and it's such an amazing feeling.

A. Lopez                     Okay.

J. Nunez                      So that's why I cried, but I'm not always crying.

A. Lopez                     Okay.  Well before this you wanted to be a lawyer.  This is something very different.  You know where...comes from?

J. Nunez                      Yes, the thing is that I got disappointed at first with music because I auditioned for Abendigo Farmer back there in Puerto Rico.

A. Lopez                     You went from the auditions.

J. Nunez                      Yes, I auditioned for Abendigo Farmer in Puerto Rico, but it didn't get through.

A. Lopez                     When was that?

J. Nunez                      That was three years ago.  I didn't get through.  I didn't even get through the first round.  So I got disappointed and I thought well you know what maybe this is not my thing.  But apparently, the judges from American Idol think otherwise...

A. Lopez                     Jorge, please say something to your Puerto Rican friends in Spanish.

J. Nunez                      What?

A. Lopez                     Say something to your Puerto Rican friends in Spanish, please.

J. Nunez                      Por y queue esto uno...

A. Lopez                     ...

J. Nunez                      Gracias.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Kaitlyn King with the Associated Press.

K. King                       Hello, Jorge.  Congratulations!

J. Nunez                      Thank you.  Hello.

K. King                       I noticed during your stellar performance Tuesday and in the group performance last night that you were really connected with the camera.  Can you talk a little bit about how important it is for you to just really connect with the song and the audience?

J. Nunez                      Yes, well to me it's very important to connect with the camera because I mean the people that are at the other side are the ones that are voting.  So it's very important to connect with the camera.  And our choreographer, Mandy Moore, she actually helped me get through that.  She was like you know what; you have to look at the camera while we're rehearsing that group song.  So basically that's how I got used to looking at the camera.

Also the producers are great.  They take you through the whole process like you know what - look at the camera.  This is very important.  And apparently that's a really good thing because you know I'm here now.

K. King                       Absolutely.  Well I know you've gotten conflicting advice from the judges on your accent while you're singing, but do you feel any kind of pressure to tone down your sort of Puerto Rican flair on this show - whether in your song choice or moves on stage?

J. Nunez                      You know what when they told me things about my accent I didn't took it badly because I mean I know what they meant.  They wanted me to you know - they wanted the best for me.  They saw something in me that was good, so if they didn't care they wouldn't have to tell anything.

But I mean it's not any pressure and now that they told me to actually keep it and to believe in my - to keep being who I am I feel kind of relieved because I mean as I said I'm 21 years old.  That's very difficult for me to change.  I can actually tone it down when singing, but when speaking that's not possible.  I don't think so.

K. King                       And in your moves - like your dance moves and things like that.

J. Nunez                      My dance moves, well that's something that it doesn't matter how much they might because I don't think they want me to change that.  But if they wanted to that's something that I'm definitely not going to change because I mean that's my culture.  That's me.  I mean it's like changing myself.  That's not going to happen.

K. King                       Okay, yes.  We love it when you kind of show that personality.  So okay well good luck.  Thank you.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We have Ingrid Schaeffer with Us Weekly. 

I. Schaeffer                 Hello, Jorge.  How are you?

J. Nunez                      I'm doing fine.

I. Schaeffer                 Congratulations!  How does it feel?

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

I. Schaeffer                 How does it feel to be a part of this?

J. Nunez                      Well there's no word to actually describe what you feel right now, but all I can tell you that it's been amazing the whole journey.  And it's been great you know when you work with such amazing people - the kind of production itself-

I. Schaeffer                 Yes.

J. Nunez                      I mean when you do that and you get to see people go home while you're still here - it's sad yet it makes you feel like you know I'm blessed.  And it's been an amazing experience.

I. Schaeffer                 Definitely.  Well I know you told one of the other reporters that you might sing some Spanish songs to see then.  Do you prefer to sing in Spanish or English?

J. Nunez                      I prepared to sing in both languages.

I. Schaeffer                 But what's your favorite?

J. Nunez                      You know what, even though I don't think I have a favorite because since I love languages so much - I mean I speak Spanish, French, and English-

I. Schaeffer                 Oh.

J. Nunez                      You know I just didn't have a favorite when it comes to languages.  I would say obviously Spanish is my favorite language because it's the language that I speak the most and it's the language where I can actually express myself even better.  But I don't mind - I mean I'm here to do my job and whatever may come, I'll just do it.

I. Schaeffer                 Great.  And what are you most looking forward to this season?

J. Nunez                      I'm looking forward for mentors.  I would love to have Britney Spears as a mentor.

I. Schaeffer                 Oh, I love it.  Yes, me too.  Great.  Well, thank you so much and congratulations.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  We'll go to Shawna Malcolm with People Magazine. 

S. Malcolm                 Hello, Jorge.

J. Nunez                      Hello.

S. Malcolm                 Congratulations!

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

S. Malcolm                 I understand that you've not only won over the judges and fans, but that you also heard from Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez this morning.

J. Nunez                      Yes, that's been amazing.  That's like the best think that has ever happened to me throughout this whole journey.

S. Malcolm                 Can you - oh, I'm sorry go ahead.

J. Nunez                      Because you know they're so famous here, so imagine how big they are at Puerto Rico.  That was the best thing ever when they told me that they were brought to tears by my performance, it was amazing.

S. Malcolm                 And when Ryan read that text message this morning, was that the first that you had heard from them?

J. Nunez                      Yes, that was the first time I've ever heard from them.  I mean I'm like oh my - they know who I am.  So it's a great feeling.

S. Malcolm                 Congratulations!

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

Moderator                   Thank you.  And our final question will come from Victor Baudville with

V. Baudville               Hello, Jorge.  Thank you for doing the call.

J. Nunez                      Thank you.

V. Baudville               So just one last question about the Spanish stuff.  I wanted to just ask you if you're worried at all about any backlash because there's some people in America who don't want to hear Spanish singing on their American TV show and all kind of stuff.

J. Nunez                      Well, you know I'm not worried because it's something that is part of who I am and I'm just going to stay true to myself.  If I get the chance to sing in Spanish I'm not going to lose it because I mean whether it's in Spanish or in English if it's good they're going to like it.

V. Baudville               Okay.  Alright.  Thank you a lot and good luck.

Moderator                   Okay, thank you.  Then, Jorge, do you have any closing remarks?

J. Nunez                      Well I just want to thank America for giving me this chance because it's been amazing and I hope that I can keep going through rounds and rounds you know showing who I am and doing what I love to do.

Moderator                   Okay, thank you.  Then ladies and gentlemen, this does conclude our conference for today.  Thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive Teleconference.  You may now disconnect.

The American Idol winner receives a one million (US) dollar record deal with a major label, and is managed by American Idol-related 19 management.  In some cases, other finalists have also been signed by the show's management company (who has first option to sign contestants) and received record deals with its major label partner.

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